O.D.D. Wedding Ensemble

One of the things that sometimes haunts me as a fashion enthusiast is my constant strive for outfit perfection.

Case in point, this weekend as I attended a chic wedding in the city.  In keeping with the wedding's urban and modern aesthetic, I wanted a dress that was appropriate but also more edgy than my typical wedding fare.

So I picked this dress:

Theory Leather-Top Strapless Dress
$145 at Last Call To Buy

Truth be told, I was feeling pretty good about the dress.  I had wanted this style dress since last year so when I saw the Theory version made with real leather for 40% off, I knew I had to buy this dress.  I like that the leather is modern and brings some edge to an otherwise classic silhouette.  I plan on layering it underneath cardigans with a cool belt come colder weather.

Then I saw this bracelet and was thrilled with how perfect it would coordinate with my new dress.

Rhinestone Flower Hinge Bracelet
$10.80 at Forever21 To Buy

At this point I am still feeling good about everything.  The bracelet is black rhinestones which is consistent with my modern and chic inspiration but the flower is feminine enough to keep the ensemble from going too biker.  Mentally I am in a good place leaving Forever21 feeling like wedding ensemble bliss is in my future.

Then the O.D.D. occurred.  I stumbled upon these earrings circa 48 hours before the wedding:

Panacea Multi-Drop Tribal Earrings
$28 at Cusp To Buy

These earrings would be the even more perfect jewels to my outfit.  Taking me from loving my outfit to love, loving my outfit.  Tribal-inspired rhinestones rule. They are so on-trend for Fall.  And orange would have not only added some color to the LBD but also coordinated with the bride's color scheme.  Total perfection.

Was there overnight shipping being considered?  Yes.

Ultimately I decided it was not worth the extra shipping to achieve my dreams.  So I surrendered to the Outfit Disappointment Disorder as I was forced to stick with Plan A.

O.D.D. Wedding Ensemble

Luckily, I was pretty okay with the outcome.  In my head I just knew it could have been better and that leaves me fashionably frustrated in a very unreasonable and silly way.  But it is who I am and that's the truth.

The other most recent case of O.D.D....this outfit.  It needed a chunky silver rhinestone necklace that I just recently found.

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