Weekend Uniform: Work (Garden) Party

One of the hardest parts of my job is going to work on summer weekends when everyone else is heading to the lake or pool.

When this is the case, I try to have a little fun with my weekend work wardrobe because the dress code is more relaxed.  Usually this involves mixing bright colors, lightweight fabrics and fun accessories.

Impressionist Flowers Dress
$17.80 at Forever21 To Buy

We all know I think a lightweight summer dress is the perfect weekend uniform...even if it means wearing it to work.  I bought this dress while in South Carolina because it felt very Southern yet still sort of me.  The pretty floral pattern and fuller skirt feel feminine and frilly but the bold colors (including some hints of neon yellow) keep it from going too prissy.

I added in a few delicate accessories including vintage pink beads and my Vera flats to keep it feminine and one piece to keep it funky...a neon yellow belt.

Skinny Patent Belt
$25.99 at Gap To Buy

Last, to make my outfit work appropriate (no bare shoulders), a black cardigan was necessary.  Of course after work I am ditching the cardigan, adding some heels and heading to a cocktail party in an elegant garden.  The only thing missing is a mojito.

Okay...this scenario is not true but sometimes it is these daydreams that get me through working on the weekends.

My Weekend Uniform: Work / Garden Party

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