CC Mommy Presents The Diaper Purse

For CC Mommy's first post, we picked a topic that is near and dear to my heart, the handbag...aka the Diaper Purse.

diaper purse

I'm not quite sure how or when it happened but sometime after becoming a mom, I stopped wearing a purse and carrying a diaper bag.  Now I have to admit I had a pretty awesome diaper bag...think black, quilted and Marc Jacobs (OG CC says yum)...and up until recently I sort of accepted the fact that all of the cute bowlers and hobos I was seeing just weren't for me.  Unless I wanted to carry two bags around and a baby but who wants to do that?

Then I had a revelation.  Isn't a diaper bag in fact a very large purse with diapers and other baby essentials inside?  Is there a law against putting diapers inside a purse?  I think not and therefore am on the hunt for the perfect spring/summer "diaper purse."  So far this bag from Francesca's is my favorite.  I love black and white and you could literally wear this bag with everything.  Please see below for proof.

diaper purse styled

A couple cosmetic pouches for diapers and baby accessories quickly turn this purse into the perfect diaper bag.  The best of both worlds and for only $55 you won't feel guilty cheating on your old diaper bag.

CC Not The Mama says:  Do I need a diaper purse?  I am digging those cosmetic cases.

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April Fashion Finds

Despite April being a fickle month weather-wise, I was still able to identify a few pieces that were not only weather-appropriate but also great deals.

April Favorites

I love a good blazer.  They may in fact be my new weakness.  I originally saw this blazer in People StyleWatch and thought it was adorable.  Score.  It's also $35 and from Forever21.  The cut and colorblocking is so modern and the silhouette is exceptionally flattering.

This dress is not a new item to the CC community.  What is new is that it is now on clearance at Old Navy.  Scoop this dress up.  The fit is awesome and it's so comfortable.  A great piece on its own or layered with other key pieces.

Of course I always have accessories on my mind.  One item I am always willing to invest more in is a statement necklace.  This Kendra Scott necklace from Last Call has all my favorite Spring colors: mint, pink and turquoise.  Basically wearable with every item in my closet.

We know black and white straw are hot this Spring but who wants to spend $300 on a straw clutch?  Hint.  Not me.  So this $17 version from F21 is much more up my alley and such an affordable way to make any basic outfit more stylish.  I am also dying to see this belt in-person because I think it could be amazing and look way more expensive than $25.

Last but not least, these shoes were purchased in early April by both myself and my Mom.  We have yet to wear them but they are adorable.  And for $20, a complete bargain.  More to come on these I think...

Enjoy your weekend!


Super Savings: d'Orsay Flat

These Jenni Kayne d'Orsay flats were officially on my dislike list.

But like most things celebrity-related, if given enough time, I will eventually come around.

But what I would like to share with you is these upon first impression humble flats are in fact $500.

As we know in fashion, once things get popular, the knock-offs come out to play.  Lucky for us, we can find a version of this shoe for significantly less, approximately $475 less.  That is something I can get on board with for sure.

I am sure there is a significant difference in quality but for a shoe I was on the fence with anyway, I can handle the difference.  After seeing the Jenni Kayne shoe being worn by more and more celebrities, I started to like how they made casual outfits seem dressier and more polished.  And let's be real, a polished flat is way more ideal than a pointy toe pump when it comes to comfort.

Here are the other options GoJane has to offer:

Pointy Toe d'Orsay Flats Savings
I am not sure which pair speaks to me the most but I am definitely feeling the stripes and the animal print pair would be fabulous for Fall.

Go Super Savings!!!

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April brings many things...showers, May flowers and in CC's case, a new contributor.

Three years ago when this fashion force started, many of the people I knew (and therefore felt obligated to read Couture Cheapskate) were not parents.

Well a lot can change in three years and while I am not a parent, I know many readers now have kids, so therefore CC would like to introduce:

This feature will be written by my dear sister-in-law who is currently mother to the light of my life, my little niece.  She and I actually have a lot in common being we both have worked in luxury retail and affordable fashion but most important, we love high-fashion at a good price. CCM is a great shopper and has an eagle eye for spotting designer-inspired pieces at affordable prices.  I am sure her abilities will bring something new and useful to mothers and non-mothers alike.

Here is a little more about the two Couture Cheapskate ladies...

CC Mommy

Original CC

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Navy Lace Top / Infinite Outfits

My favorite navy lace top is finally available online at Target:

In short, this top is a winner.  I can imagine very little that this top will not coordinate with in my wardrobe.  Jeans, dress pants, skirts...you name it, this top goes with everything.  I have already worn it once with my black Target pants, a black blazer, pumps and my favorite yellow bubble bib.  Homerun city.  I only wish I had somewhere to go after work so I could do a quick changeroo and break it out with jeans.  I am considering adding the white because I love this top so much.  That little poof sleeve is just too cute.  It is such a good value and the price is insane.

I would also like to share my number one pet peeve is cheap fabric that wrinkles easily.  It goes without saying this wonder stayed neatly pressed all day long.  Duh.

Merona Lace Top / 2-Ways


Hot& Cold: Tribal Flats

A closed-toe flat is a versatile footwear choice -- warm, comfortable and transitional.

A closed toe-flat in an ikat meets black/white woven fabric is beyond.

You know I love a flat and of course I love anything tribal-inspired.  Black and white raffia is showing up majorly in footwear and accessories for Spring.  I like how this flat finds a way to work both trends without being tacky.  Because of this fabric mixing, this flat is a versatile shoe you can wear now and into summer...no matter how far off warm weather feels right now.

Tribal Flats + Black Maxi

For now, I would wear these shoes with a maxi dress; a spring silhouette but the longer length keeps you warm.  I tried on this dress at Old Navy and really like it.  The cap sleeve adds a nice touch especially for those of us who want more coverage (read: wear a normal bra).  You just don't see a lot of short sleeve maxi dresses either.  A jean jacket feels like a wardrobe staple right now as does a lightweight scarf.  I would also layer a small, long necklace just for a bit of sparkle.  These earrings are the highlight though.  Ornate hoops definitely seems to be on their way to the hot list.  Last but not least, classic aviators and a black crossbody bag complete this semi-Spring ensemble.

Tribal Flats + Shorts
One day in the not to distant future, it will be time to break out the shorts and when that time comes, these tribal flats will still work.  In fact, all you need is a t-shirt and you can basically wear the exact same outfit.  So easy when you have one great piece such as these shoes to work your basics around.  The only minor change is the addition of a triangle-geo chain that feels more tribal.  And it's so cheap so why not?

Sometimes you just need a fun piece to get you through the on and off (mostly off) weather.  The good news is you will not feel guilty spending money on a warm weather shoe because you can wear it now and when the weather finally cooperates, you can still wear this tribal flat well into summer. 


Blue Ikat Blazer

Right now I am having a blue moment (seen here and here) and every Spring, like clockwork, I seem to have a print blazer moment.

One of my favorite places to peruse is The Outnet.  You can find semi-affordable pieces by your dream designers such as this DvF blazer.  I love the blue and grey ikat combo and think there are so many ways you can style this blazer that the higher cost maybe worth it...especially if you are one of those people who only make a few key investments a season.  Not to mention "the jacket" is a key Spring trend and something every woman should have at least one of in their closet.

Like I said, the styling options with this lovely jacket are endless.  Here are two looks, one casual and one dressed-up, that basically use the same pieces for extra value.

Blue Ikat / Gold Fan
Blue Ikat / Gold Fan by CoutureCheapskate1 

DvF 'Zaid' Ikat Blazer $184 // Zoe Karssen Boyfriend Tee $40 // Hive & Honey Gold Fan Statement Necklace $32 // Marc by Marc Jacobs Large Faceted Stud Earrings $58 // Ray-Ban 'Original Aviator' 58mm in Blue/Gold Mirror Lens $160 // Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Lip Gloss in Lilac Rose $24 // Chinese Laundry 'Easy Does It' Flats $59 // H&M White Bag $34.95

Blue Ikat / Gold Fan 2
Blue Ikat / Gold Fan 2 by CoutureCheapskate1

DvF 'Zaid' Ikat Blazer $184 // H&M Dress $34.95 // Hive & Honey Gold Fan Statement Necklace $32  // Marc by Marc Jacobs Large Faceted Stud Earrings $58 // Blu Bijoux Giant Stone Ring $28 // Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Lip Gloss in Lilac Rose $24 // Enzo Angiolini 'Smiles' Black Leather Pumps $32 // H&M Bag $34.95

I believe there is nothing more fabulous than a print blazer.  I also love this particular blazer because of its neutral palette that allows you to really work it into your wardrobe.  There are few pieces worth making a significant investment in but I officially endorse a beautiful blazer as one of them.


Mirror, Mirror

One of the things I am obsessed with for Spring is mirrored sunglasses...specifically this pair:

Believe it or not, I don't own any of the classic Ray-Ban aviators and I must admit, I wasn't crazy about the mirrored lenses at first.  However, they have grown on me and I am thinking of this pair as an investment for the upcoming season.  They are so modern and I am really into blue right now.

Blake Lively watch out.

Here is how I would wear them for a weekend look:

Mirror, Mirror


Blue Floral Print Skirt & Cardigan

Guess where I found myself wandering around again?

Did you guess the library or an art museum?  A place where I can better myself?

The answer is Target.  I'm sure that was obvious.

I have been seeing this blue-printed skirt all over the internets and was intrigued.  So naturally I decided to try it on when I had some time to kill while my husband browsed the workout gear. Well let me tell you I am glad I gave it a try because this skirt is darling.  The fit was unbelievable and the fabric felt scrumptious.  I also found the way the print was placed on the skirt to be quite flattering; an illusion if you will.

Target Blue Print Skirt
Because of my position as a professional lady, I would typically wear this skirt to the office.  So you know what that means???? A black blazer!  In my head this skirt looks awesome with silver-mirrored heels (for the record Target has a $35 pair that look cheap).  I am loving this pair with the cap toe.  Two trends for the price of one!  You have seen this white bag before and I still love it.  The featured necklace incorporates two major accessory trends: chain link and lucite.  I love this necklace and must make it mine.

Side note...I also tried on the t-shirt in the above outfit and it too is awesome.  If I didn't already own one so similar, I would have been tempted to buy it for $13.  It's a more dressed-up tee that hides a muffin top because of the layered fabrics.  I used the white for the outfit above but showed the black here so you could see the tiers better.  This is a fabulous top at a fabulous price.

If you don't love skirts but love this print, have no fear...there is a cardigan!

Target Blue Print Cardigan

For a more casual look, obviously work this cardigan back to jeans with a simple white tank underneath.  I am curious to know what Target jeans are like and think this pair looks really cute.  These shoes are new to my wish list radar.  The detail on the back is reminiscent of Mui Mui circa last Spring and their feminine mystique is so sweet.  Of course I can never resist a statement necklace and think this affordable option in navy is unique.  Because I am doing a statement necklace, the earrings are simple studs...but with some sparkle.  Let's be real.  The last addition is beauty based.  I love this L'Oreal eyeliner.  I didn't know they sold it in navy which would be perfection with either outfit.

I feel like this print is Southern Belle.  I can't wait to break the skirt out for Spring and feel like a feminine lass.  I would also like to confess there were a few other pieces at Target that caught my eye including one adorable lace top that I bought but can't find online.  Bummer.

Have a great weekend!


Couture vs. Cheapskate: Floral Denim

Couture vs. Cheapskate: Floral Denim

I realize I can't stop talking about transition pieces but a critical piece of transitioning one's wardrobe from winter to spring is printed denim.  The good news is printed denim is everywhere!!!  And available at so many different price points.

With that being said...which pair of floral denim is the cheapskate version and only $25?


A + O Inspired Yellow Sequins

Today I feel like something bright and happy and two things that are always bright and happy are the color yellow and sequins.

Can you really think of anything more cheerful than a yellow sequined garment?

So when I saw this dress on Vanessa Hudgens, I couldn't help but think of a tank I had been eyeing at J.Crew Factory.

Her dress is Alice + Olivia and also $495.  Besides being outside my price range, let's be real about who this dress looks good on...someone who stars in a movie with the words 'high school' in the title i.e. not me.

So back to the J.Crew Factory top...yellow, sequins and under $50.  Check.

A&O Inspired: Yellow Sequins

Head-to-toe yellow sequins is a tough look to pull off so that is why I took this top back to the always flattering black full skirt.  The full skirt adds balance to the fitted top and creates a defined waistline which is figure flattering.  I can't stop with these F21 gold-plated sandals -- they just seem like the perfect footwear to any outfit these days.  But sticking with a more Vanessa-inspired look, a pair of shiny gold heels are also an excellent on-trend choice.  I have been loving these white enamel earrings for $6 as white, gold and yellow are always three amigos.  Another must-have accessory for Spring is the gold cuff.  Some people are doing one on each wrist but I think I would just do one in total.  

As much as I love the color yellow and sequins, this A + O dress is completely out of my budget and body type.  The dress inspires me to add this J.Crew Factory tank to my wish list because it's so fun and happy.  I also love how it pairs with black, gold and white; three things I have a lot of in my wardrobe.

Have a bright and cheerful Monday!