Animal Print Classic

Animal print is classic and a must-have in any wardrobe.

Sweatshirt Chic from GAP.

Animal print apparel may feel too wild for some, so a pair of comfy flats is the perfect way to ease into the jungle.  I am feeling ballet flats more than usual this season because of their slipper-like quality.  Ballet flats are the perfect footwear for leggings, skinny jeans and the chic sweats showing up everywhere this season.  A pair in animal print makes your outfit instantly more fashion forward and sophisticated.  Easy breezy.

This top is part of my personal collection.  The price is insane especially because the top doesn't look cheap. I know I have previously ended my relationship with peplums but they are just so flattering.  I tried this shirt on with black shorts the day I bought it and I loved how cute and comfortable my outfit became.  I also think this top will be perfect with a black pencil skirt when I don't feel like putting much effort into what to wear to work.

I saw a dress by MNG by Mango in this same print and style at jcpenney however I cannot find it online. This is basically the same dress but directly from MANGO.  According to my People StyleWatch September issue, the long-sleeve sheath is an official trend.  I can't imagine a better way to rock this trend then a long-sleeve sheath in a funky animal print.  Beyond.  With a pair of rock star black booties?  Double beyond. You can wear this particular dress four seasons and for $40, that's a complete bargain.

This is why animal print is a classic.  Besides being a neutral color palette, you can decide how conservative or wild you want to go based on your personal style.


Red Shoe Heaven

Red + Ankle Straps + Midi Heel = Shoe Heaven.

I am so relieved that midi heels are a thing this Fall.  Ever since Rachel Zoe said kitten heels were pointless, my heart has been broken because I love a smaller heel.  This season I will take my heels up about an inch but still firmly planted in that comfort zone of under 3 inches.

Red is always classic and a pair of red pumps has been on my wish list since last Fall.  That being said, the wild card here is the ankle strap.  Ankle strap shoes have been on the scene since Spring but now are officially in.  Believe it or not, ankle strap shoes are actually flattering.  By highlighting the thinnest part of your leg, your legs appear longer and leaner.  Done and done.

Fine.  Blake Lively is a bad example because she is perfection but you get the point.

So here's the deal.  Red shoes were on my wish list to begin with.  With this affordable pair from Sole Society, I am getting two trends for the price of one plus filling a perceived (read: not actual) hole in my wardrobe.  I am honestly having a hard time thinking of a more practical purchase.

CCTip:  Sole Society has the best feature, "Shop The Look" which features outfit ideas for each shoe. Perfect for if you are unsure on how to try a new trend. 


Bejeweled Camo Top

Sometimes things are so wacky, I can't help but love them.

Exhibit A:

Upon first glance, maybe it's not so bad.  But then you look closer and notice the bejeweled neckline.

I'm aware it's an obnoxious combination.  That's probably why this bejeweled camo top speaks to my heart.  I think it would be fun with distressed denim and some heels.  Perhaps with my faux leather pencil skirt as well?  I also love a jeweled neckline because no necklace necessary. It just makes my life easier.

And for $14, who cares if it's kind of crazy?


Laser Cut Love

Laser cut items are everywhere right now.

Laser Cut Love

Sometimes sweet.  Sometimes sexy.  Laser cut gives the illusion of lace but with more edge. Some call it a peek-a-boo.  I call it an easy way to add an elevated basic to your wardrobe.


Biker Bootie Bargain

If there is one thing you must add to your wardrobe for Fall, it's something motorcycle-related.

Studded Booties

These booties are an easy (and affordable) way to achieve the motorcycle trend without having to reinvent your wardrobe.  You can basically throw them on with anything in your closet and boom!  Instant on-trend outfit.  Best of all, if you're unsure of your inner biker babe, the price is right for taking this trend for a spin around the block.


Floral Blazer / Transition Piece

August shopping can be broken down into two categories: super sale or Fall-transition pieces.

This summer I wore this Forever21 floral blazer quite often:

This blazer was such an easy piece to throw over my basics (including this dress and these pants) that it got me thinking, "Self, wouldn't your life feel more complete if you had a floral blazer in a dark color that you could wear into Fall and beyond?"

Pins And Needles Summer Lady Blazer $49.99

Spoiler Alert!  The answer was yes.

Based on the picture above, it is hard to imagine this jacket in a less hipster way.  But looking solely at the fabric, I like the slightly tropical, but vintage feel of the print.  There is a nice balance between bold colors and soft neutrals to keep it from being too over-the-top.  I also like the ruched 3/4-sleeve which is a nice detail for those of us with longer arms trying to wear a juniors-cut jacket.

Note the purple and red...2 of Fall's top colors

After finding such success with my Forever21 blazer, I am confident in this purchase because of the blazer's versatility.  The floral blazer works with dress attire for work and casual pieces (i.e. denim) for a laid-back yet polished look.  There is nothing I love more than a statement piece that is surprisingly neutral.

This floral blazer is the perfect August combo; on-sale and something you can wear into Fall.

And P.S.....floral is going to continue to be a trend for Fall.

CCTip:  Shop online for the best end of summer deals.  Summer sale merchandise is pretty much out of stores by this time of year and what is leftover on the sale rack is usually gross.