CC Stands For Chic Cardigan

Sometimes you have to add one or two things to your wardrobe that are not super exciting but you know in your gut you will get tons of wear and be so grateful you made the purchase.

That is the case with this sweater I bought as part of a Christmas exchange.

Textured Open Front Cardigan
$22.80 at Forever21  To Buy

The obvious reference here is Chanel with the graphic black and white knit.  I didn't expect so many people to go there when I wore this sweater to work but I am glad they did!  I think pairing it with a pleated skirt and motorcycle boots nudged them over the edge.  I wish I had a fabulous Chanel brooch or set of beads to really take my $23 sweater to the next level.

Up-close and personal

Besides being Chanel-inspired, I love this sweater because of its jacket-like qualities.  The silhouette packs lots of polish but is super comfortable.  My only call-out is this sweater has a bit of a crop to it so if you are longer through the torso, I advise sizing up for more length.  I prefer wearing this sweater with more high-waisted bottoms because it creates a more flattering silhouette.

All in all, this may not be the most flashy item in my closet but I have to say I do love this sweater and am certain I will wear it often.  A couture reference never hurts either.

CC not only stands for chic cardigan but also Chanel copycat.


J.Crew Window Shopping

Everyday I walk by this dress and of course it has turned into an obsession.

Jules Dress in Ashbury Floral
$188 at J.Crew  To Buy

So simple.  So chic.  The colors are amazing.  The boxy silhouette is my favorite and it is begging for any of my statement necklaces.  Duh, this bubble necklace from my wish list works well too.  Although this dress is meant for Spring and bare legs, I can't help but imagine it with my favorite opaque black tights and booties.  A 4-season wonder!

Only one problem...perhaps you noticed the price tag?

So simple.  So chic.  So expensive...which leads me to this:

Perfect Shirt in Ashbury Floral
$88 at J.Crew  To Buy

Despite not really being into blouses, I am having a blouse moment.  By opting for the blouse instead of the dress, not only is there a financial savings, but I might be gaining in versatility as well.  This blouse would work awesome with my red pants ala Rachel Bilson.  I kind of think my newly-purchased pleather skirt would be great too.  Of course, this blouse with jeans and flats would be a Spring staple.

Hmmmm.  Is a statement blouse a worthwhile CC investment?



Skirt Stock-Up

Something so crazy happened this month without me realizing it.

Or trying for that matter!

I have not bought one stitch of clothing all month except for around $2 to cover the difference from a Christmas exchange and the $20 I just spent.

It's a January miracle!

I had about $40 in credit at JCPenney from a holiday return situation that I decided to use today and do a little skirt stock-up.

Jones Wear Floral Skirt
$20 at JCPenney  To Buy

This could be a total miss but I was intrigued by the color palette and floral story. Floral continues to be a trend for Spring so why not pick a piece up now for minimum investment.  The contrast of bold red with yellow and hints of sky blue feels very modern for such a feminine print.  I can't quite tell if the dark color is black or navy but either way me likey.  In my head I see a red blouse as the top...

Worthington Pencil Skirt
$17 at JCPenney  To Buy

I have seen this skirt a million different places and ways.  I think it's because it resembles this skirt from J.Crew.  I have heard this J.Crew skirt is amazing and the color options are pretty awesome, but I am saving over $100 here and I guarantee no one besides me (and now you) will know the difference.  This skirt will function as an update to my red pencil skirt in my wardrobe.  Of course the belt will get kicked to the curb for something less matchy.

I 'Heart' Ronson Pleather Skirt
$17 at JCPenney  To Buy

Last but not least, the pleather mini skirt.  Even my internal fashion conscious says "what?"  I have been on the hunt for a leather bottom all season long.  Was is it shorts?  A skirt?  I don't know.  The only thing I did know was that it had to be leather not pleather.  I am still looking for said leather bottom but I am starting to lose hope.  My despair convinced me to take a chance and see if this skirt has potential in my wardrobe.  At the end of the day it's $17 so it is a small risk and I can always return it if it's hideous.  Let's be honest, I think we have all paid $17 at one time or another for a cocktail and that doesn't always end up pretty either.

This is when I feel like I do my best work...seeing how far I can stretch a gift card.  Who knows?  All three skirts could be going back.  However!  That may start the whole process over again leading to more fun and fashion games.

CC Tip:  Invest in a tape measure.  It can be your online shopping BFF.  For example, measuring around your hips as I did to make sure you are ordering the correct size.  This simple step reduces your chances of having to deal with an online return which I know a lot of people dread.




I am in love...

Sam Edelman "Orly" Polka-Dot Slingback Pump
$120 at Cusp  To Buy

Marc by Marc Jacobs "Dotty" Snake Hillier Hobo
$298 at Bloomingdale's  To Buy

The End.


Pop of Pink Pants

I am one of those freaks who likes winter.  It is my second favorite season.  The cold temps give you an excuse to stay indoors, be cozy and eat comfort food.  So in other words, be a lazy sloth.

Needless to say, this winter has left me a little disappointed.  Fifty degrees = having to get up off the couch.

The one advantage to our relative winter-less winter was it allowed me the opportunity to wear my hot pink Old Navy pants that ended up being more capri than ankle length.

Old Navy Cuffed Dress Capri
$9.97 at Old Navy.com  To Buy 
(no longer available in pink...sad)

Still unsure how to style these pants, I went to my old standby look for working with colored bottoms:  black blazer and underpinning.  Boom!  Fashion rocket science.

The only trick to this look is to make sure the fabric of your blazer matches the seasonal tone of your pants.  You don't want a blazer that reads winter and capris that are more summer-like.  If the black top feels too heavy for the pant, then pick a lighter fabric top or hold off wearing the bottom until its appropriate season.

For a winning example, see Kristen Bell's recent look:

Pinky Pants

I wore a version of this outfit back in December so it reads more holiday than I would typically take it with sequined shoes and all.  As I recreate this look going forward, my black pieces will be more structural and classic for a polished feel.   I have also worn a similar version of this look using my green skinny jeans.

Once you unlock the magic of this look, the possibilities are endless and best of all easy.  When working with all black, the color gets to be the star and you feel fashionable with minimal effort.  Plus, a pop of color wards off the winter blues for those of you who are counting the days until Spring.

CC Tip:  When working with colored bottoms, simplicity is the key.  Also, capris and ankle-length pants always look best with a pointy toe in colder weather.


Bauble Head

Now that Beyonce has had her big reveal, not being one to steal any thunder, I feel like the time is now appropriate to share some major happenings in my world.

My neon yellow rhinestone necklace is now on the Forever21 website!

Scalloped Bib Necklace
$14.80 at Forever21  To Buy

Funny fashion story...I had been on the hunt for a yellow rhinestone necklace for ages.  I came across one that also had hot pink rhinestones but was $60.  Although it was pretty amazing, I wasn't sold on the price and collar style.  Because I couldn't find anything else, I had made up my mind to buy it.  Well as luck would have it, that same day I wandered into Forever21 and found this one for $15.  It was as if we were meant to be together!  $45 saved!  Holler!

It's not as exciting as a baby, I guess, but getting a bargain on something I had been searching for really made my day.


Deja Blue

Wow!  It has been a whole week since your resident fashion-obsessed, Beyonce-loving lunatic friend (me) has checked in.  And I think it is no surprise why I am here...Blue.

Welcome to the CC Sisterhood* Baby Blue!

Believe it or not, one of my favorite Beyonce fashion moments was when she wore this blue number in the "Deja Vu" video.

Note the pleated sleeves and thick black eyeliner.

In honor of Baby Blue, here are my favorite blue items:

Deja Blue

  1. Jessica Simpson Paillette Ruffle Hem Dress $79.99  I am watching for this dress to get marked down further...I love it.  Toddlers & Tiaras cupcake meets couture cocktail dress.
  2. Old Navy Waffle-Knit Tee $10  It is embarrassing how much I love these shirts and how often I wear them...not to mention how many days in a row.
  3. DVF "Drew" Bucket Leather Tote $545  Obsessed with that leather tassel.  Fingers crossed for a super sale.
  4. Express Striped High-Waist Banded Skirt $69.90  I have loved this skirt for some time despite it not flattering my body type and being pretty body-con for the office.  Another super-sale possibility. 
  5. RACHEL Rachel Roy Dusty Pendant Necklace $42  I am digging the found-at-a-folk-show feel of this necklace.
  6. Juicy Couture Chandelier Fringe Earring $68  They are huge but is there anything more elegant than a blue rhinestone?  You will have them forever.
  7. Nine West "Flax" $39.99  My favorite shoes!  So comfy.
  8. Halston Heritage Pleated Skirt $224.99  I can't get enough of the pleated midi skirt.  The color is insanely beautiful.
  9. Forever21 Suedette Platform Heels $24.80  I am still coveting these shoes.  For $25 I should just take the plunge as these will take me into Spring just fine.
  10. One of the best albums of all time...Weezer's  Blue Album.  To be more specific, #297 of all time if you ask Rolling Stone.
  11. Tinley Road Colorblock Bloussant Dress $69  This dress is stunning and so much more fancy than the price.  The high-to-low hemline is pretty amazing too.  Reminds me of Gucci.
All I can say is watch out Suri.  Not only will Blue be a fashion maven but she will have impeccable manners and probably an alter ego that loves the camera.

*For the record, there are 2 men who belong to the CC Crew: my husband and Dad, and I am not even sure their membership is voluntary.


2011 Favorite Fashion Moment

There were many fabulous fashion moments in 2011.

Hello Gwyneth Paltrow emerald green gown!

But none captured my heart as much as this look from CC-favorite Rachel Bilson:

Some might argue that this look is too simple and pedestrian to be considered my favorite fashion moment of 2011, but that is exactly why I like it.  This outfit is easy to recreate on a budget and all of the pieces are wearable basics that will coordinate with everything in your existing wardrobe.  The combination is unexpected, fun and easy.

If you want to add red pants to your collection, I have this pair from Express:

Ultimate Double Weave Columnist Pant
$79.90 at Express  To Buy

While this is not the pair pictured below, I prefer the slimmer leg of this pant than the wider-leg Editor.  When it comes to tucking-in a blouse, a slim leg is more flattering to offset the volume of a looser blouse, especially if you have a curvy shape.  I own both style pants and am generally happy with either and both would work well in this look.

Signature Stretch Editor Original Pant
$69.90 at Express  To Buy

Check-out the great deal on the more "couture" blouse.  The "cheapskate" version is in a print so similar to a fabric DVF used last Spring that it easily passes for couture.  I had to add jewelry and the black pouch has found its way onto my potential-to-purchase list. The gold studs are amazing.

Celebrity Inspiration: Rachel Bilson Pt.2

Items included in set:  Vanessa Bruno sheer top $156, Old Navy Chiffon Blouse $33, Signature Stretch Editor Pant Express $69.90, Black clutch $55, Gorjana star jewelry $35, Tinley Road Gold Rings $18

And just because I know you are not only keeping track of my fashion trials and tribulations but also my out-of-control television viewing habits, I think it needs to be said Hart of Dixie is my favorite new show.  I only picked-up one other new show this season (Up All Night) and I just enjoy the light-hearted feel...not to mention the great clothes.  There is also a character named "Lemon" and I think that is the cutest name ever.  Watch out Apple Martin...you do not have the market cornered on adorable fruit names anymore.

Jamie King aka "Lemon Breeland"

So there you have it, two of my favorite things that happened in 2011.  Rachel Bilson's easy to imitate stylish ensemble and the delightful Hart of Dixie.  

I can't wait to see what fashion will happen in 2012...and if I will discover any new television treasures.


Candle Sale!

Well Bath and Body Works really got my goat this holiday season.

During the holidays, I went in looking for the Slatkin & Co. minis I have grown to love and I am embarrassed to say after checking three different stores, none had them.

Well today I wandered in and saw an entire display filled with holiday-scented minis on sale for $1.50.

Why were they not selling them during the holidays?

Well, the joke is on them because now you can get 20 minis for the price of one three-wick candle...so stock up!  The medium size is $4.75 and the three-wicks are on sale for $8.  Good deals all around!