Green Smoking Slippers!

I feel weird referring to these flats by their proper name "smoking slippers."  It makes me feel like I have watched one too many episodes of The Playboy Club. 

Which for those of you who care, that number is zero.

Leopard Print Velvet Finish Flat
$19.40 at GoJane.com To Buy

Holler Hart of Dixie and Zoe Hart wearing Valentino pumps circa scene 1! 

Now you know what I am watching on Monday nights.

I digress.  I have been wanting a pair of green shoes forever now and when I saw this pair at Topshop, I thought maybe they were the one.

KOSY Green Suede Slipper Loafers
$100 at Topshop To Buy

Bottom line.  I thought $100 was too much to spend on this type of shoe and it really wasn't what I had my heart set on....that search is still in process.

But when I saw these on GoJane today, I felt like for less than $20, I could get these and not feel guilty when I find the green pumps of my dreams. 

Velvet Finish Flat
$19.40 at GoJane.com To Buy

No settling here because apparently it is necessary for me to own 2 pairs of green shoes.  CC Confession:  I already own one pair, so make that three.  But green is the new black in my book.

So although green was my color of choice, I would probably have bought the leopard print pair had they had it in my size.  People are all goo goo ga ga for leopard print "smoking slippers" this Fall.  $20 is a steal compared to the pairs going for $100+.

I have yet to see the slippers in-person but I know they will sell out quickly so I made an instant decision to buy and return if they look cheap or tacky.

Green smoking slippers, white blouse, skinny black pants and statement necklace makes me so excited!

CC Tip:  Go to RetailMeNot.com and type in gojane.com for extra savings if they are available.  Hint: today there was!

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