Weekend Uniform: Red Skinny Jeans

This weekend it was as if Mother Nature was in sync with the fashion calendar.  I started off Saturday sweating in a tank and shorts to being cold in a tee and jeans come Monday.  I couldn't decide if the cooler weather was a welcome change or a sad admission that summer is leaving.

Printed Flip-Flop in Dark Nutmeg Zebra
$2.99 at Old Navy To Buy

For the record, not all CC fashion moments are fabulous.  Many outfits are some version of shorts, tank top and flip-flops.  Holy fashion moment, right?  Such was the case this weekend.

While walking around the neighborhood, I spotted a woman wearing red skinny jeans and a charcoal tee and I thought to myself, "I could do that."  Her outfit was simple yet stylish...my favorite kind.

I previously purchased these reddish-pink skinny jeans from JCP for $17.99.

City Streets Super Skinny Pink Jean
$17.99 at JCPenney To Buy
(shoes = barf on a stick)

My fashion role model was wearing her red jeans and grey tee with gold gladiators.  Even though it sounds weird, it worked.  So I did the same!  Perfect for brunch.  Then as the rest of the day progressed to lounging around the house and running to Target, I switched to flip-flops and was comfortable all day.

My Weekend Uniform: Red Skinny Jeans

Items included in set: Old Navy t-shirt $8.50, Old Navy flip-flops $2.99, BP Sandals $33, Juicy Couture post earrings $48, ASOS leopard print belt $11, Forever21 oversized sunglasses $5.80, Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss, Papaya 020 $7.28, Rimmel Spark It Up Gleaming Eye Darkening Liner-Black Gold $11, Kate Landry Shopper | Dillard's, City Streets Super Skinny Pink by JCPenney - $17.99

Even though I was happy just to find a reason (and way) to wear these jeans, I was reminded of one important fashion lesson.  If you buy smart basics, you can mix and match from your closet to create an outfit that is perfect for a long weekend's worth of activities. 

I even laid on the couch and watched two movies in said outfit! 

Happy Labor Day!

CC Tip:  If you are interested in these jeans, they also come in blue, green and grey, I went up a size so they would be more comfortable and a little longer in the leg. 

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