Men of The VMAs

I know it is a few days late and perhaps a few dollars short but I have to say I am very impressed with the fashion at the VMAs...that the men wore.

Ladies!  Where was the Balmain, Cavalli and Versace?  Muy disappointing.

So onto the highlights.

Kanye West

I am pretty sure that I am only person who loves Kanye West and I am well aware this particular shot is not the most flattering but his ombre denim shirt is awesome.

First.  I never noticed what nice legs Katy Perry has.  Second.  This is what I love about Kanye's fashion choices, despite being menswear, I find myself inspired by what he wears.  That ombre shirt, some leggings and motorcycle boots...I'm in. 

If my sources are correct, his shirt is Theyskens Theory and his Nikes are on a supes long wait list.   FYI...Katy Perry's shoes are Jimmy Choos.  And to be fair, she is wearing Versace.


Image: MTV

There is nothing I like more than a men's velvet blazer but I have to say it is a tough look to pull off in the real world.  So thank you Ne-Yo for indulging me in one of my favorite men's fashions.  The blue velvet is a bold choice and I applaud its beauty.  Well done.

For the record, I also found myself intrigued by the background dancers' feather outfits.

Justin Bieber

I can't believe I am even going to allow this Bieber Fever but the red pants and black blazer feel so CC.  And part of me loves that he is a teenager and wearing YSL.  Tres wise beyond his years.  But I think we all know the real reason for this feature: the leopard print shoes.

Speaking of leaopard print...Lil Wayne in snow leopard jeggings.  That's intense.  But the LV belt is a keeper if logo is your thing.

Image: MTV

Pitbull aka "Mr Worldwide" aka "Mr 305"

Image MTV

I don't know why but I love Pitbull.  Not his music but him.  And when I saw the white blazer + blue striped shirt + aviators + RED PANTS...heart melt.  What a gentleman.  I consider him to be the Scott Disick of the international rap community.  Say what you will, but his style is sophisticated and his tailoring is generally impeccable.  I think that is why I like him.

Here is a more attractive shot with another highlighted gentleman, Ne-Yo.  I am dying for the white jacket and red pants.

So while I found myself underwhelmed by the ladies of the VMAs, I was content with the men's general good choices and return to gentleman dressing.

For the record, these are my favorite dresses in VMA history.

Christina Aguilera, 2003, Roberto Cavalli.  I love the pink feathers and rhinestones even though everyone else criticized it.  I think the dress is awesome and ahead of its time.  Plus I love the glamour of a Vegas showgirl.

Apparently I am not the only one who thinks this Balmain mini is amazing as Pink and Shakira both wore it to the VMAs in 2009.  And they both look beautiful.  This may have been when my love affair with leather and zippers began. 

So ladies, consider this your advanced notice to bring it next year but not in this year's weird way.

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