Colorblocking Made Easy

Colorblocking began in a big way this Spring and is now everywhere for Fall.

What is colorblocking you ask?  Really quite simple.  Pick two (or more) complimentary colors on the color wheel and mix separates to to create a bold and colorful look.  No neutrals allowed...that means you black and white.

Let this wheel steer you to colorblock bliss

The first label to put colorblocking on the map was Gucci when they paraded rich jewel tones of emerald, sapphire and amethyst down the runway last Spring.

The dress to the right has been worn by many celebs including Kim K.

Here is Olivia Wilde wearing a look from the same collection but perhaps less bold with her black bottoms, but it is worth sharing because she is stunning and this ensemble is perfection.  For the record, her clutch might be in my dreams tonight.

More celebs in colorblocked Gucci:

via Lifetime.com
Camilla Belle, Katy Perry, J.Lo

Fast forward to earlier in the month when SJP wore this on Letterman:

Her hair is amazing.  The shoes?  Questionable.

Safe to say, you get the idea.  But here's the thing.  These colorblock looks on celebrities making fancy appearances are all fine and good, but as an average gal, I find colorblocking difficult to recreate in real life.

So here is my strategy, I cheat.  I seek out pieces that the colorblocking is already done for me.  All I have to do is put it on.  Here are some examples of colorblocking made easy:

London Times Three Quarter Sleeve Colorblock Dress
$99 at Macy's To Buy

This may not be the most dramatic example of colorblocking but that is why I like it.  The combo of grey, navy and black feels sophisticated and modern; perfect for a professional environment.  There is also a fabulous zipper up the back which always is cool with me.

Colorblock Strapless Dress
$99 at The Limited To Buy

I think it is so hard to find Fall appropriate dresses for special occasions.  The Limited always has great options such as this colorblocked dress.  I love how the pleats of the skirt work with the waves of the color for a figure-flattering effect.  My guess is this dress would be a major compliment catcher at any event.

Collective Concepts Colorblock Top
$69 at Dillard's To Buy

Here is an example of colorblocking within a colorblock: a colorblocked tee with red jeans.  Very brave and super cute, but I would probably just take this top back to a pair of regular jeans.  I do really love the top's combo of navy, fuchsia and red.  This top would look cool with a black suit too.

INC International Concepts Long Sleeve Colorblock Sweater
$69.50 at Macy's To Buy
Also available in plus sizes

I am obsessed with this sweater and if I add one colorblocked item to my wardrobe, this sweater may be it.  The colors are perfect and the angles slimming.  I basically would copy this simple and stylish look: black skinny pants and black platform pumps.  This sweater is also available in a red/black/beige colorway.

High-Waist Color Block Pencil Skirt
$69.90 at Express To Buy

Okay.  CC Confession is that I am simultaneously obsessed with this skirt.  I just think it is so modern and easy.  I appreciate nothing more than a good pencil skirt in a stretch fabric for feeling pulled together and  comfortable at work.  All you have to do is throw on a white blouse or black sweater and you are done.  I love the belt and chunky gold jewelry for accessories.

ELLE Platform High Heels
$69.99 at Kohl's To Buy

Shocking that I am back at Kohl's hitting up their shoe section.  Colorblocked shoes are the "it" shoe for the season.  As of now there are not many affordable options but I am sure more are on their way.  So get on the train early with these pumps that look far more pricey than their $70 price tag.  I have yet to be disappointed by my ELLE platforms so to say I am intrigued by these is an understatement.

via Getty Images
Who can forget these from the Grammys?

So this is how I make colorblocking easy...let's the pieces block for me.  And in most cases, I would work the piece back to a neutral because that is more realistic for my lifestyle.  For sure, these red pants I have  had my eye on are part of the equation.

CC Tip:  Of course Forever21 is a gold mine for colorblock pieces.  Type "colorblock" into their Search feature for instant results.  Other colorblock hotspots?  Old Navy and Express.

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