Polka Dots & Denim

People love polka dots.  Red polka dots to be exact.

People also love jean jackets.

Put them together and you have pure fashion magic.

Red + Polka Dots

  1. [J.Crew Factory Polka-Dot Tank $19.50]  An easy layering piece that can be dressed up or down.
  2. [J.Crew Factory Denim Jacket $64.50]  Ordinarily I do not love jean jackets but I like the detailing and antiqued denim of this jacket.
  3. [Forever21 Sparkling Triangle Necklace $12.80]  I wear a version of this necklace almost daily.  A charming combo of tough meets glam.  Dresses up any basic outfit.
  4. [Mossimo Women's Ankle Pant $25]  My new favorite pants are such an affordable basic.
  5. [J.Crew Factory Polka-Dot Popover $64.50]  A worthwhile investment perfect for layering under jackets and sweaters during cold weather; love the half button-down.
  6. [Tinley Road Spotted Pave Ball Stud Earring $18]  Been on my wishlist for awhile.
  7. [On The Verge Polka Dot Sunglasses $6]  Little kids need fashionable sunglasses too.
  8. [Sole Society Marigold Studded Flat]  I need these flats in my life.  And only $33!
  9. [Forever21 Polka Dot Cosmetic Bag $5.80]  What a fun accessory for under $10.


Faux Leather Loving

I have a problem with faux leather.  I can't stop.  Here are my two most recent additions:

Two things I swore I was done buying both make an appearance in this top: faux leather and peplums. There are many versions of the leather peplum top out there but few offer short sleeves.  The short sleeve is the detail I love the most because it lends itself well to one of Spring's top trends: warm weather leather.  I won't need a jacket at the office allowing the top to stand alone.  This top is the perfect partner to boyfriend jeans and my other bad habit, the printed skinny pant.  I will say it again, F21 does a nice faux leather for the exceptional price.

Lately it seems I can't quit H&M.  These leggings link to the UK site but I know they exist in-store for $34.95.  What I appreciate about these leggings is they feel more like a pant and have more structure to them than other faux/vegan options that resemble garbage bags.  They do run small and feel awkward to get on the first time but they look great.  My only concern is that I will be Ross from Friends when he tried to wear leather pants and had a debacle from overheating.  For transition weather, I would pair these leggings with a floral blouse and booties.

By adding these two items, I think I have officially run out of faux leather options to add to my collection.  Let's be honest.  This is probably not true.

I will keep you posted on the overheating situation.


Beauty Buy #12: Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment

February is that special time of year where my skin has reached the pinnacle of its dryness.

I think it is hard to find treatments that deliver on their promises and can justify a higher price tag.

Enter my favorite and most effective treatment product currently in my arsenal:

If there is one thing the brand Fresh is known for, it is their Sugar Lip Treatment Collection.  I have a couple of the colors, and enjoy them, but nothing compares performance-wise to the Advanced Therapy. First, it is anti-aging which is somewhat difficult to find in lip products especially for less than $25. Second, it repairs, moisturizes and protects against the elements, including dry weather.  If your lips are chapped, after one application you will notice a significant improvement.  If you use twice a day, you most likely will not have any dry issues all winter.

This is what the box looks like.

Besides being an excellent "chap stick" this time of year, the Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment is lauded for its anti-aging properties including wrinkle-reduction, elasticity improvement and increased volume. Personally I feel like it does make fine lines disappear but I cannot say I now have an Angelina kisser, so don't go in expecting those results.  With all this being said, the treatment is not heavy or waxy and absorbs quickly with a slight citrus taste.  ( I hate any beauty product that smells and this does not bother me at all.)

I feel like this is 2 products for the price of 1 which justifies spending more.  I promise you will not regret it this winter.  FYI...the colored Lip Treatments are great for the summer but do melt in the sun so be careful with your beach bag.


Sundays at Target

Like most fashion freaks, I found myself at Target at 8:30am on a Sunday morning scouting the Prabal Gurung for Target collection.

While I purchased two pieces from the collection, like most times I visit Target, I ended up finding a few more things that caught my eye...and tried to steal my wallet.

Sundays at Target

  1. [PG for T Sleeveless Blouse in First Date Print $26.99]  This blouse is what I believe to be the most luxe-looking piece of the collection.  The fabric is the nicest and the sheer-shoulder detail is sexy without being cheesy.  The fit is also nice which is sometimes tough with these collections.
  2. [Nate Berkus for Target Urchin $9.99]  I have loved this stupid urchin for months.  I don't get it either.  I keep getting tempted to buy it and know one day I will cave.
  3. [Xhilaration Straw Baseball Hat $13.99]  I think this hat is fun.  An unexpected combo.
  4. [Xhilaration Junior's Knit Tee and Short Sleep Set $12.99]  These pj sets are so cute.  I would probably have to ditch the shorts but the tees are adorable.  Great price too.
  5. [Xhilaration Skull Print Scarf $14.99]  An Alexander McQueen lookalike for about $250 less.
  6. [Mossimo Printed Crossbody Handbag $24.99]  A $25 on-trend bag for Spring?  Bulls eye.
  7. [Xhilaration Gradient Smoke Flash Lens Sunglasses $12.99]  Don't ask me why but I want a pair of clear sunglasses for Spring?  Sometimes I think I have a commitment to being ridiculous.
  8. [Mossimo Ankle-Pant $27.99]  I brought these pants into the fitting room just to try-on with the PG blouse and ended up loving them.  The fit is great and the fabric is similar to Express.  I think I will be going back for the red to wear with this jacket.
  9. [PG for Target Pointy-Toe Pump in Nolita Print]  If you ask me, the best pieces of the Prabal Gurung collection were the shoes.  These pumps avoided my biggest pet peeve with affordable footwear: the plastic heel that does not match the material of the shoe.  Wrong example.
  10. [Green Poms Table Arrangement $9.99]  I am currently obsessed with fake flowers.  I know.  Super tacky....but they don't die and are so colorful!
  11. [Mariposa Lily Filled Glass Candle $14.99]  The mercury glass holder is the win here.  Great for reuse.  Check out the other pretty colors that would make for a beautiful Spring tablescape.


Super Sale Pieces at The Limited

Recently I had the pleasure of scooping up two super sale pieces at The Limited.

A lot of designers are doing these mixed-material jackets right now.  I think this style is appealing for its versatility and ability to be dressed up or down depending on the event.  I also love the black/white/silver sequin combo because it allows for year-round wear.  I will for sure be copying the above look using my red pants from Express.

I have a lot of faux leather in my wardrobe and therefore I consider myself an expert.  In my opinion, this faux leather is a quality imitation.  I wore this skirt with a pajama style blouse and black tights for the first time last week.  I could not get over the number of people who asked me if my skirt was real leather and where did I get it?  Needless to say I was thrilled with my skirt purchase for less than $20. Leather will continue to be a major trend for Spring and I feel like this piece will transition well. 

It looks like they also just marked-down my favorite earrings so I will have to check those out too.

CC Tip:  I have seen the jacket and earrings recently in stores but not the skirt.  I think with the skirt it is worth paying the shipping since it is such a low starting price.  My only word of caution is the skirt is on the shorter side, hence the "mini" title.


Happy Valentine's Day

If money were no object today, this is what I would buy:

But since money is an object, I have opted for this candle instead:

Red velvet is not my favorite of cakes but I adore this candle.  It's delicious.  The notes of the candle are creamy frosting (yum) and brown sugar (a family favorite).  Some in my candle circles say it reminds them of Christmas Cookie and Buttercream.  I see what they are saying but I think they are different enough.  Nor do I really care because all three are personal favorites.

Happy Valentine's Day.


Watercolor & White

Word on the street is this dress from H&M is super cute and worth every penny:

After a hard-hitting investigation, I can confirm this dress is adorable.  The pleated detail at the waist and structured shoulders create a modern silhouette that keep the dress from going too sweet. Watercolor prints continue to be on trend for Spring which is great because I love them...especially when they include pops of hot pink.  A handy dandy set of pockets seem to be a prerequisite on dresses these days which is fine by me!  Perfect for storing my Pink Vinyl and secrets.

Watercolor & White

  1. [H&M Floral Lace Dress $34.95] Layer with a black turtleneck and leggings for winter wear.
  2. [Faceted Almond Teardrop Necklace $12.50]  I broke my favorite rhinestone necklace (dropped on the floor) so I have been on the hunt for a replacement.
  3. [L'Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Stick in Pink Vinyl $8]  This dress is begging for Pink Vinyl.
  4. [Nicole by OPI Modern Family Collection -- Alex By The Books $8]  Dark mint is the perfect transition nail color.  And it's the Modern Family collection.  What's not to like?
  5. [ShoeMint Garbo $79.95]  Love these shoes but scared of the heel.
  6. [H&M Clutch $17.95]  Cobalt blue accessories always call to me...and for $18?  The perfect color addition to make a fashion statement.
As much as I love the style and detail of this dress, I love the colorful print more.  If you have yet to try a printed pant, try these in the same print with a basic black top.  There are also blouse and skirt options in this watercolor print as well.  White shoes mandatory with each.


Channel Orange

Frank Ocean's timing really couldn't be better.

I wonder if he knew orange was going to be the hot color this spring?

Orange...we've been thinking about you.

Channel Orange

1.  [DvF Liluye One-Shoulder Crepe Gown $200]  2.  [The Limited Neon Crystal Stud Earring $17]  3.  [DvF Reona Stretch-Jersey Dress $213]  4.  [The Limited Neon Bobble Necklace $35]  5.  [GAP Leather Tassel Clutch $25]  6.  [GAP Leather Stripe Tote $80]  7.  [Stuart Weitzman FrenchCuff Sandal $425]  8.  [Rebecca Minkoff Triangle Perforated MAC $395]  9.  [Nine West Sally Pump $99] 10.  [Mossimo Drapey Sleevless Dress $30]  11.  [Orly Melt Your Popsicle Nail Laquer $8]  12.  [Topshop Speckle Roll-Sleeve Dress $52]  13.  [Revlon Tutti Frutti ColorBurst Lip Butter $6.50]  14.  [GAP Lasercut Belt $20]  15.  [Nine West Zhane Sandals $89]  16. [Rebecca Minkoff Leather Zip Around Wallet $98]  17.  [Steve Madden Nanncy $70]  18. [Nordstrom 5-Piece Brush Set $38]

Orange is not my best color so I don't foresee any orange apparel in my future.  I do love an orange accessory though!  My favorite thing in this whole set is the GAP orange lasercut belt.  The tassel on that clutch makes my heart melt too.  Both under $25.

I like the Steve Madden sandals quite a bit.  They are neutral enough and a classic style that would work with a lot in my wardrobe.  Fine. The ombre pumps are pretty awesome too.  It is a bit off topic but the other color options of the Sally pump are intriguing and worth checking out.

Last, I love those Revlon Lip Butters and think Tutti Frutti might be worth a try.  I don't know why I think somehow orange lipstick will work on me but an orange dress would not? Wishful thinking.

Maybe I should just stick to the Melt Your Popsicle nail polish.


Year of the Beyonce

So obviously 2013 is going to be the year of the Beyonce.

We all know I am a #1 Beyonce lover but I will share I was not blown away by her Super Bowl performance.  I wanted more singing and less dancing.  Prove those critics wrong B!  I am also over Halo.

Please don't kick me out of the fan club.

I was, however, completely captivated by two things: her ability to mix leather and lace and stunning make-up.  Her hair was pretty fabulous too.  Where can I get an at-home wind machine?

Beyonce's Super Bowl look reminded me of two pieces I am currently online-loving:

So in that spirit, I thought we should create a look inspired by Beyonce's mixing of leather and lace perhaps more suitable for my less glamorous lifestyle.

Year of the Beyonce

  1. [H&M Lace V-neck Top $13] A sexy basic.
  2. [Dorothy Perkins Black Leather Peplum Skirt $59] Love the perforated detail on the peplum.
  3. [Tom Ford Lip Color in Blush Nude $48 / CHANEL Peridot Le Vernis Nail Color $27] Splurge items but worth it.  Tom Ford lipstick is the best.  One of Chanel's iconic colors. 
  4. [H&M Leather Jacket $49.95]  Performance note: perfect price point for throwing into the crowd circa Crazy in Love.
  5. [Black Leather Fingerless Gloves $10] How cute is the heart cutout?
  6. [Berkshire Queen Fishnet Tights $10 / Target Xhilaration Junior Knee-High socks $2.50]  Nude fishnet tights are my jam...I am intrigued by layering them with black knee-highs.
  7. [Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow in Velvet Plum $24 / Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Sparkle Eye Shadow in Gold Star $28] My two favorite shadows that layer beautifully.
  8. [Michael Antonio Marina Bootie $60]  Can I dance 20 minutes straight in these booties?  No.
  9. [ALDO Forstner Handbag $60] Love this collection and this other [color option].

It seems to be in my cards that I will never have a Super Bowl halftime moment, but I can embrace my inner Beyonce and rock some leather and lace on a sidewalk near me.  That being said...

Does anyone want to be the Kelly to my Beyonce?  They are obviously performance soulmates. Independent Women was my highlight....where was Survivor?  An obvious Super Bowl choice.


Sweatin' To The Oldies

I love that sweatshirts are currently a wardrobe must-have.

No longer limited to the gym or couch, they are truly a statement piece meant to be dressed up.

For me, the only challenge is finding when not to wear a sweatshirt given their new status.

Sweatin To The Oldies
Outfit 1:  [Zoe Karssen Love Sweatshirt $80H&M Pleated Faux Leather Skirt $47MANGO Mini Handbag $40Tinley Road Spotted Pave Ball Stud Earring $18Vince Camuto Amoby2 $55]

Outfit 2:  [Sugarhill Gang Sweat By And Finally $70H&M Jersey Leopard Leggings $20Heart Soul Iona Wedge Sneaker $70]

Outfit 3:  [MANGO Lace Panel Sweatshirt $50East Straight Leg Trouser $93Praga Leather Pumps $60]