What CC Mom Bought

As promised, here are the recent purchases CC Mom made the other day while at Forever21.

As you can see, this family of CCs likes their leopard print, sequins and exposed zippers.  Correction...  make that loves their leopard print, sequins and exposed zippers.

Forever21: What CC Mom Bought

Items included in set: Forever21 Leopard Burnout Cardigan $30, Forever21 Metallic Stripes Top $18, Forever21 Sequined Knit Top $20, Forever21 Spiked Edgy Necklace $5.80

This shopping trip reiterated yet again not only where I get my fashion taste but how if you really like something, you end up being drawn to similar versions of it over and over again...i.e. a leopard print cardigan.

Despite knowing my Mom's taste pretty well, I was a little surprised with her necklace choice.  Her style typically is not "tough" but I was impressed with the selection because it is a ringer for a more pricey designer version.

This Forever21 trip was worthwhile because we both stepped a little out of our comfort zone and made some daring choices for Fall.

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