Men of The VMAs

I know it is a few days late and perhaps a few dollars short but I have to say I am very impressed with the fashion at the VMAs...that the men wore.

Ladies!  Where was the Balmain, Cavalli and Versace?  Muy disappointing.

So onto the highlights.

Kanye West

I am pretty sure that I am only person who loves Kanye West and I am well aware this particular shot is not the most flattering but his ombre denim shirt is awesome.

First.  I never noticed what nice legs Katy Perry has.  Second.  This is what I love about Kanye's fashion choices, despite being menswear, I find myself inspired by what he wears.  That ombre shirt, some leggings and motorcycle boots...I'm in. 

If my sources are correct, his shirt is Theyskens Theory and his Nikes are on a supes long wait list.   FYI...Katy Perry's shoes are Jimmy Choos.  And to be fair, she is wearing Versace.


Image: MTV

There is nothing I like more than a men's velvet blazer but I have to say it is a tough look to pull off in the real world.  So thank you Ne-Yo for indulging me in one of my favorite men's fashions.  The blue velvet is a bold choice and I applaud its beauty.  Well done.

For the record, I also found myself intrigued by the background dancers' feather outfits.

Justin Bieber

I can't believe I am even going to allow this Bieber Fever but the red pants and black blazer feel so CC.  And part of me loves that he is a teenager and wearing YSL.  Tres wise beyond his years.  But I think we all know the real reason for this feature: the leopard print shoes.

Speaking of leaopard print...Lil Wayne in snow leopard jeggings.  That's intense.  But the LV belt is a keeper if logo is your thing.

Image: MTV

Pitbull aka "Mr Worldwide" aka "Mr 305"

Image MTV

I don't know why but I love Pitbull.  Not his music but him.  And when I saw the white blazer + blue striped shirt + aviators + RED PANTS...heart melt.  What a gentleman.  I consider him to be the Scott Disick of the international rap community.  Say what you will, but his style is sophisticated and his tailoring is generally impeccable.  I think that is why I like him.

Here is a more attractive shot with another highlighted gentleman, Ne-Yo.  I am dying for the white jacket and red pants.

So while I found myself underwhelmed by the ladies of the VMAs, I was content with the men's general good choices and return to gentleman dressing.

For the record, these are my favorite dresses in VMA history.

Christina Aguilera, 2003, Roberto Cavalli.  I love the pink feathers and rhinestones even though everyone else criticized it.  I think the dress is awesome and ahead of its time.  Plus I love the glamour of a Vegas showgirl.

Apparently I am not the only one who thinks this Balmain mini is amazing as Pink and Shakira both wore it to the VMAs in 2009.  And they both look beautiful.  This may have been when my love affair with leather and zippers began. 

So ladies, consider this your advanced notice to bring it next year but not in this year's weird way.

The NJ Housewives Are Back

And you know how I know?

I have received many site referrals from people trying to figure out the serveware Caroline Manzo has in her kitchen.  Well...here you go.

This is Caroline's actual kitchen.  Note the MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check against the wall. 

Her tea kettle has had many money shots this season.

Mackenzie-Childs Courtly Check Enamel Tea Kettle
$110 at Mackenzie-Childs.com To Buy

And if you think the kettle is cute, you should see the sugar bowl

But!  Right now my most favorite piece is the cake stand.

MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check Enamel Pedestal Platter
$85 at MacKenzie-Childs.com To Buy

And I am down with those cookies too.  They look delicious.


Couture vs. Cheapskate: Red Wide-Leg Trousers

Can you tell which pair of red wide-leg trousers costs $350 vs. $70?

Pair A


Pair B

To see results, click here.


Platform Pump Smiles

Last week I shared with you that black kitten heels were my go-to work shoe.

That wasn't entirely true.  I actually think it is necessary to have a high-heeled pair of black pumps when you want to dress to impress or just wear a dress. 

I had been on the hunt for the perfect designer-inspired pair when I found these:

"Smiles" by Enzo Angiolini
$99 at Zappos.com To Buy
(you definitely can find them for less)

I bought this pair in particular because they reminded me of some of the designer pairs out there...and cost about $400 less.

Black Platform Pumps

For me it was important to have a pair that could pass for designer when I needed them too. And I think I nailed it. Whenever I wear these shoes, co-workers will stop me throughout the day and ask me where I bought them. Usually this is followed by, "I am looking for a pair like that."

True story.  Someone in the major fashion know told me to put my "cool shoes" back on instead of my (bought on super sale) designer pair. 

I tricked him with my Enzos!

And that made me smile. 


Sleeveless Military Shirt

Earlier in the season, I wrote about this top and its resemblance to a more expensive version.

Sleeveless Military Shirt
$39.90 at Express To Buy

Last week I needed a shirt to go under a tweed blazer and I thought to give this one a try.  Huge win.  What this blouse lacks in hanger appeal, it makes up for big time when on the body.

First, it fits well.  When I bought this top it was Buy One, Get One 50% off.  So I ended up getting one in a size larger and one in my actual size.  The one in my actual size is so flattering.  It contours the body but is not clingy.  The v-neck also creates a flattering line across the shoulder and bust.

I bought the larger size in white because I wanted to create a more voluminous, less structured effect when I tucked the blouse into my skinny pants and high-waisted skirts.  I also think this top will be perfect with my bright jeans.  I actually wore the larger blouse underneath the tweed blazer and everything laid well and didn't bunch.

Again, when you see this shirt in the store, it does not look like much.  And is this most exciting piece of fashion that ever existed?  No.  But I have to say, I did get pretty pumped about this blouse because of its simplicity and great fit. 

Sometimes you just need a few good basics.


How Did I Miss This?

This weekend I head to Vegas for a relatively tame weekend believe it or not.

One of the things that did make my suitcase was my neon yellow skirt.

But what would have made my skirt so much better is, of course, sequins.

$355 $89 at Yoox.com To Buy

And I think this skirt is styled to perfection.  Plain white top with nude satin heels.  I am so trying to find a reason to justify buying this skirt right now.  Also available in a dark navy blue if you want something less intense.  I may keep an eye on this number to see if the price goes down.

Because I am not missing it then.  Next Vegas trip...watch out now.


Affordable Black Kitten Heels @ 6pm.com

As unexciting as black kitten heels can be, let's face facts, they end up being one of the most worn shoes in your closet.  Especially if you work in a professional environment or have to dress up on a more regular basis.  The advantage of a kitten heel is you still get the lift of a heel but with more comfort.

Here are 6 pairs from 6pm.com that are all $60 or less:

Affordable Black Kitten Heels @ 6pm.com

  1. ALDO Rushiti $31.46  The most basic of the bunch.  If you are looking for something simple and you truly want a go-with-anything black kitten heel, then start here.  My only suggestion with ALDO shoes is they run small so you may want to size a half size up.
  2. Jessica Simpson Kendale $31.60  You know I already have these in red and I could not be happier!  Like I said, those in the know will tell you they have definite Valentino similarities with the 3-D bow.  I wear these shoes all day and have no issues.  I would say they run a little big and wide.  
  3. Bandolino Berry $23.50  Okay so maybe sequin heels are not the basic this post implies.  But they are $23.50 and you will definitely get your money worth.  I have a similar pair of black sequined pumps and I wear them quite a bit...especially during the holidays.  Duh.  I also have the Bandolino Berry in another fabric and they are my go to shoes when I need something comfy.
  4. Enzo Angiolini Kraz3 $20.70  I have had my eyes on these shoes since I think about January?  I love anything black and quilted...Chanel anyone?  I think the quiliting detail feels more elevated and upscale.  The perfect touch to an otherwise basic outfit or with black tights.
  5. ALDO Purtlebaugh $27.72  My favorite kind of pieces are ones that have little surprises.  Business in the front, lingerie-inspired lacing detail in the back.  A shoes like this tells onlookers you know when to be serious but have a fun and sassy side as well.
  6. Nine West Austin $55.08  Is there anything more sophisticated then black croc?  If you are looking for a black kitten heel that is a bit more interesting than plain black but not too over the top, try these.  Black croc is the ultimate classic fabric in a classic shoe shape.  Very RL.
You may notice most of these kittens have a patent finish.  My personal opinion is patent translates better at a lower price than plain black leather.  I also feel patent is more polished.

So even though your black kitten heels may not be the most exciting shoe in your closet, for less than $60, you can still get a stylish pair leaving money leftover to put towards a more exciting pair.

Pink suede heels... anyone?

CC Research: Editorial Buzz

First let me start by telling you the things I am sick of hearing about.  Overkill city.

#1.  Fishtail Braids

Dianna Agron

Ashley Tisdale
(The reason I include this pic is I wrote about her necklace last Spring.  Still heart.)

I get that this is THE hairstyle of the summer but enough already. 

#2.  An "arm party" aka an arm full of mismatched bracelets.

Sarah Jessica Parker

I will say the originator of the term "arm party" is hilarious.  It's just the person upon person talking about their own arm party that stresses me out.  How much party can one arm handle?

#3.  This $50 dress from Express

It's not the dress' fault that everyone cannot stop talking about it.  In fact, I get why it has been so popular. But my aversion to nautical stripes is still in town.  And I think the dress is kind of boring.  There are some way better options at Express, in my opinion.  CC Confession: They all involve leopard print.

So now that I have gone all negativ-o on you (the dark side of fashion), I feel compelled to share two things everyone is buzzing about that I do love.

#1.  This Old Navy Canvas Vest

Canvas Surplus Vest
$34.94 at Old Navy To Buy

The canvas surplus vest is Summer's answer to Spring's sage safari jacket.  Fashionistas are layering this vest over feminine dresses and cotton tanks.  I like the look but am not sure I see myself in it.  Right now I see white long-sleeve tee underneath with a pair of jeans and boots come Fall.  Thoughts?

#2.  These Miu Miu Glitter Booties are amazing.

And $900.  I already told my husband that if I hit it big in Vegas this weekend, I am buying these.  Then he reminded me I usually max my bets out at fifty cents.  So now my new plan is if I don't gamble in Vegas, save my spare change for 5 years and wait for them to go on sale, totally mine.

 So CCs...that's what's up.


Playing Tricks

Express is playing tricks on me.

Haircalf Clutch
Express To Buy

I saw this clutch in Express and was taken aback.  It was so luxurious.  Calf hair, leopard print in the season's hottest shape?  Where do I sign-up?

Then I looked at the price tag.  $118.  What?  This is Express.

Total bummer if you just want to add a fun bag to your collection.  But I guess if you want to make more of an investment in a modern piece that will definitely update your wardrobe, then $118 is not that bad.

I think I am either waiting for an accessories sale or coupon. Or both.

Oh Express, you trickster!

Beauty Buy #10: Essie Absolutely Shore

Essie Absolutely Shore Nail Polish
$8.00 at Ulta To Buy

I realize I have been on a pretty major Essie kick as of late but I have to say it has been very rewarding.  I thought it would be hard to outdo the success of Essie Boat House but I think I might have hit an even longer homerun. 

Let me start by saying when I finished my manicure, my internal jury was still out. I was not sure how I felt about the sea foam green meets putty shade.  Well about an hour later, I was convinced this color was not only unique but appealing.  I had 20 compliments easily.

So ladies, this is the perfect shade if you want a neutral that is both unique, pretty and subtle.

Of that, I am absolutely shore.  Ha.  Obligatory pun.



Oldies But Goodies

One of the things I love about Forever21 is that if they have a popular style, they generally repeat it at some point in time.

So friends, as luck would have it, you can get in on two pieces I bought last year and l-o-v-e.

Tiered Tie Waist Shirt
$17.80 at Forever21 To Buy

This shirt definitely doesn't look like much but I have worn it a ton.  The way the model is wearing it is similar to how I do but I also have worn it many times underneath blazers and jackets.  The ruffles feel like a romantic contrast to a more structured jacket.  I feel very feminine and French when I pair this blouse underneath a black and white knit tweed jacket.  I also think it may work with my new colored denim.  This blouse is very roomy so it is always comfortable and camouflages problem areas.

Raw Edge Ruffle Sleeve Dress
$12.50 at Forever21  To Buy

Let me start by saying I do not wear this as a dress.  I wear it as a tunic over skinny bottoms.  I bought this tunic because it reminded of a DVF dress (long version here...see Martina McBride).  As much as I love my girl Diane, I for sure feel like I have worn this tunic more often then I would have worn the dress.  And the fact that the tunic is about $350 less does not hurt either.  I always gets loads of compliments when I wear this top.  It looks really cool with longer black skinny pants and black pumps.  My only word of caution is that it is tighter so you may want to size up.  Also available in-store in red.

These two oldies but goodies I bought well over a year ago and am finally getting the chance to share.  The best part is, I can say with conviction, you will love these tops as I have over the last year.


The CC Shoe Rules: Weekend Edit Part 1

Yesterday morning I was having a major edit moment.  Meaning I was allowing the reckless abandon of "getting rid" to to flow right through me; not considering the consequences of parting with shoes I previously loved and/or wore to death.  

Some previous faves were casualties.

Two donation bags later, I forced myself to move on assuring myself there would be more shoes to love in my future and it was time for my red Uggs and high school sneakers to go to shoe heaven.  Sentimental feelings aside, they were disgusting and no longer prevented my feet from the elements.  At that point are they still considered footwear?

R.I.P. Red Short Uggs

That being said, I concluded the following regarding my future shoe purchases.

1.  When it comes to shoes, quality is better than quantity.

I try not to wear shoes that look cheap or the material appears too faux i.e. fake snakeskin pumps or grey pleather boots.  So why did I have multiple pairs that fit this description in my closet?  First, I liked the "idea" but was having difficulty finding the shoe that matched exactly what I wanted.  Or my budget didn't allow for the more expensive version.  Case in point, I wanted nude heels and ended up buying a pair because it was a good price and resembled what I wanted.  Deep down I knew I was settling mainly because the shoes were cheap.  And they looked it.

2.  Just because a shoe works in one material does not mean it works in all materials. 

I had the shoe in one material and assumed the same shoe in an alternate fabric would be equally cute.  Sadly not always the case.  Let's take my grey riding boots.  Black = cute, grey = not so much. 

Mainly this applies to online shopping.  So if I buy multiple pairs, especially at a discounted price, any deviation from black or brown materials, I should proceed with caution.  If I do decide to take the risk, go with my gut and make sure to keep the return receipt just in case.

CC Shoe Rule: Part 1

I have to say, my husband did catch me during my Weekend Edit.  He said, "I know what you are doing.  You are just making room for NEW shoes." 

Totally busted...but now I will make better purchases by considering my newly established CC Shoe Rules.


How Did Emma and Jimmy Know?

How did Emma and Jimmy know it was Beauty Buys At The Wal Week?  I guess it is the national phenomenon I assumed it to be all along.

For the record, Jimmy Fallon is my celebrity #1 boyfriend so don't be getting any ideas.

Second, in Emma Stone related news...this lady is the new darling of the red carpet.  And I have to say, I can see why. I am obsessed with the shoes she wore on Regis and Kelly this week.

Don't worry.  They are Brian Atwood and $770.  In my opinion, worth every penny. 

I mean that is a beautiful shoe.


Beauty Buys At The Wal: Hair

The last day of Beauty Buys At The Wal is here.  As well all know, no beauty routine is truly complete without maintenance to our luscious locks.  Below are my favorite products that you can find at The Wals for less than $10 each.

Pantene Restore Beautiful Lengths Replenishing Mask
$4.84 at Walmart To Buy

Of all the products featured this week, this mask is one of my top two favorites.  I love it.  For the record, I have long hair that I insist on bleaching and styling with heat five times a week.  Needless to say, my hair gets dry and damaged.  In between haircuts, I use this product every other day and have noticed an improvement in my hair's overall condition.  Like most Pantene products, the formula is pro-vitamin designed to lock in moisture and prevent breakage allowing your hair to grow longer and stronger.  I would agree.

One last thing you should know about the fascinating topic that is my hair, it is fine.  Although the mask is thick, it does not weigh down my hair or leave it greasy like most other hair masks.  I can use this mask during the hottest summer weather and daily during the winter.

John Freida Root Awakening Nourishing Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner
$4.97 each at Walmart To Buy

This is my go-to shampoo and conditioner during the summer.  First, the smell is awesome; an invigorating combination of eucalyptus and peppermint.  Second, it moisturizes my hair without weighing it down.  I feel like it does make my roots "wake up" restoring my hair's natural volume that is critical for summer hair.  Every time I use this shampoo and conditioner I think how much I love it not just for its scent but the way it makes my scalp tingle.  It is refreshing.

John Frieda Root Awakening Detangling Spray
$4.97 at Walmart To Buy

This is a product I use every day during the summer.  In addition to improving your hair's overall condition, this spray also adds volume and protects hair from summer's harsh elements.  Again, I appreciate the lightweight formula that is natural and aromatic.  If you only buy one product from the John Freida Root Awakening line, I would recommend this one.

So this concludes Beauty Week At The Wal.  I hope you found one or two products that will save you some dough this season.  Although I have discovered many favorites along the way, rest assured my search is an ongoing process that has no end date. 

Now with all this money saved...what should I buy with it?


Beauty Buys At The Wal: Eyes

So yesterday it was all about eye shadow but as us ladies know, it takes a lot more products than just some shadow to make an eye complete.

Beauty Buys At The Wal: Eyes

  1. L'Oreal Voluminous Mistake-Proof Marker Eyeliner $7.99  This is my new favorite beauty product I have discovered in the last year.  It really is like using a calligraphy marker to draw on your liner but less complicated?  Truly I have not made one "mistake" since using this liner almost daily.  If you are someone who is apprehensive about liquid liner...start here.  The shape of the pen makes it easy to draw a uniform and steady line.
  2. Wet n Wild MegaLiner Liquid Eyeliner $2.99  I wanted a liquid liner with a thinner brush than the one above but I didn't want to spend a lot because I don't do this look often.  For $2.99, this liner delivers like a more expensive version.  It goes on smoothly, is dramatic and stays in place for a good 12 hours.  The only advice I have is to let it dry completely before blinking.
  3. L'Oreal Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner $8.99  I have written about this pencil previously.  If you prefer more of a pencil but the look of a dramatic liquid liner, this product is for you.  I pair this liner with the CoverGirl "Dazzling Metallics" shadow when I want extra drama.  It is also perfect back to my MAC Jest.
  4. Rimmel The Max Bold Curves Extreme Volume & Lift Mascara $6.83  This is probably the closest to a drugstore version of DiorShow that I have found.  Apparently it is collagen and keratin enriched for volume and lift.  I do notice more volume and a dramatic black lash but my favorite thing is the formula.  It goes on smoothly, does not clump and stays put all day.
  5. Maybelline Expert Wear Twin Brow & Eye Pencil $3.49  All the beauty people in my life beg me to fill-in my eye brows.  I cannot stand the look because I hate powdery brows.  My Mom actually gifted me this product after hearing a recommendation.  I do like it.  It goes on very subtle and defines your brows without looking faux.  And you get two pencils for $3.50 that last forever!
  6. Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies Waterproof Mascara $7.49  I really have tried hard to eloquently express the difference between this mascara and the Rimmele above.  To be honest, they are quite alike.  The only difference I would say is that the Maybelline is more subtle and goes on just a little bit easier.  Either way you can't go wrong for less than $7.50.
So now you have a complete recap of all things eyes from the drugstore.  If you add up your shadow, eye liner, mascara and brow pencil, you can come in around $25.  This is less than one bottle of mascara from the department store!

When working in a combo of these products, I do not miss my more expensive department store options.

Rhinestone Motorcycle Boots

Sometimes I don't feel like doing a full-blown Couture vs. Cheapskate post.

They are a lot of work and today I just want to get to the point minus the suspense.

How amazing are these?

Simply Vera Vera Wang Midcalf Boots
$109.99 at Kohl's  To Buy

Remember how great we thought it was that some high-end designers sometimes also have a more affordable line?  Well let this be another example for Vera Wang.

The boots above are pretty close to a pair she did last year that cost about $500.

Vera Wang Lavender Label Casey Booties w/ Rhinestone Strap
No longer available @ Shopbop

My affection with Vera begins with she loves a good rhinestone as much as I do.  It goes further with she loves mixing tough and feminine.  I cannot think of a better example of that than a motorcycle boot with a rhinestone strap.

Therefore I feel comfortable calling it.  I will own these this Fall.


My Weekend Unform: Zebra Tee

Although this was my weekend uniform, I find it to be a comfy and casual outfit that would work any day of the week.

Last week I saw this shirt at Forever21 and had to have it.  For some reason I thought it was so cute and the perfect mix of colors I love: black, grey, hot pink and tan.  For $10, I knew I would wear it tons.

Zebra Prism Tee
$9.80 at Forever21 To Buy

My new favorite shorts for summer are dark grey shorts.  They are more casual than black and work back to almost all my casual summer tops.  When in a lightweight fabric, such as the shorts featured, you get shorts that are comfortable and breathe in the heat without sacrificing style.

Women's Studded Twill Shorts
$13.97 at Old Navy To Buy

Now onto my new discovery...these sandals!

Braided Leatherette Slingback Sandals
$7.50 at Forever21 To Buy

I am going to tell you something I am not proud of.  I have no idea when I bought these and am not even sure how long it has taken me to wear them for the first time.  Yikes!  The important thing is, now that I have, I love them.  The pair I own is actually in rose gold and fit me perfectly.  There is something so simple and sort of sexy about them.  Now that I have worn them, I have barely taken them off in four days wearing them with everything from a dress to shorts and a zebra tee.  Now the question is for $7.50, do I need more colors?

So while this weekend's outfit was nothing spectacular, it contained two pieces that I love.  For me, that is my favorite type of outfit.  Even better that those two pieces only cost me $20. 

Weekend Uniform: Zebra Tee

P.S.  Sorry the tee is so blurry

Items included in set:  Forever21 zebra t shirt $9.80, Old Navy studded shorts $15, Forever21 slingback shoes $7.50, Juicy Couture pave earrings $48, Rhinestone jewelry $16, Ray-Ban black shades, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color, Strobe Light Online..., $2.82

Beauty Buys At The Wal: Eye Shadow

I think it has been well documented over the last year one place I am willing to save is on eye shadow.  And although there are a few eye shadows from the department store I can't imagine my beauty routine without, there are few from the drugstore I equally adore.

Covergirl Eye Enhancers 3-Shadow Kit in Dazzling Metallics
$3.99 at Walmart To Buy

In the palette this shadow looks intense but it is more subtle than it appears.  I generally start with my Bobbi Champagne Shimmer on the brow bone, wear either the gold or copper on my lid and crease, and finish with the black as a liner.  I have always been searching for a flattering gold shadow and I think this is the best I have found.  The copper also reminds me of a more expensive MAC shadow that I love.  Seeing how I am very fair and these shadows seem to flatter, if you have a darker complexion, these shadows were made for you.  For $4, this kit is worth taking a chance on if you want to dabble in bold shades that are actually quite flattering. 

Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eye Shadow in Silver Fox
$6.99 at Walmart (N/A online)
But at drugstore.com Here

I enjoy this quad because of its versatility.  You can mix and match the colors depending on what look you are going for; more neutral with grey shading for depth or layer in the turquoise for a bold eye that is still sophisticated.  My favorite combo is the bottom grey on the lid with the purple in the crease.  The purple is my favorite shade because I have never really seen or worn anything like it.  I am just impressed with all the options you get for $7 and the 12-hour long-lasting guarantee really is true.

Of any beauty product you would buy at The Wal(s), I think eye shadow is your best bet.  It helps to know what colors already work for you and stay within that range.  But for less than $10, it doesn't hurt to take a few risks.


Beauty Buys At The Wal: Nails

I don't know why I find it necessary to buy bottles upon bottles of nail polish, but I do.  Most of what I own I use very infrequently except to take it to the salon every couple weeks.  But I can't help myself every time I see a colorful display and have stumbled upon a few polishes for less than $5 I find to be winners.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color in Speedy Sunburst
$4.99 at Walgreens To Buy

One product I think every women should have in their make-up drawer is a fast-drying nail polish.  You never know when you might chip a nail or need to freshen up a pedicure in a flash.  Department stores just don't offer this product or a nail polish under $15 for that matter.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri is my favorite quick drying nail polish because I love the brush.  The brush is cut to contour to your nail bed and make it so you can do your entire nail in one sweep.  Sally says you only need one coat which not only is a huge time saver but also stretches the life of your bottle.  And you don't need a base or top coat.  That Sally is a CC lady!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color in Sprint Mint
$4.99 at Walgreens To Buy

My two favorite colors are pictured above.  Sprint Mint is a jade green and Speedy Sunburst is a bright, bold reddish-pink.  What I love most is that each color is deep and glossy.  And it only takes one stroke for complete coverage and rich, vivid color.  You can get a professional look in less than 5 minutes for around $5.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Set The Stage
So new!  It's not even available online
but I bought mine at The Wal(greens)
for $4

Glitter polish may make you think of being in junior high but it is all the rage in the beauty world right now.  Women of all ages are getting hooked on glitter after the success of Deborah Lippman's Glitter Nail Polish.  Now drugstore brands are getting in on the action creating glitter copycats such as Set The Stage seen above.  This color has been so popular The Wals can't even keep it on the shelf.  I can see why.  It looks great layered over color or on its own for a subtle sparkle.

Wet N Wild Party of Five Glitter Nail Polish
Not available online
but I bought mine at The Wal(greens) for $2
and it came with a top coat

Party of Five Glitters is totally the cheapskate version of the couture Lippman Happy Birthday.  But did you see the price tag?  Two dollars?  To be honest, I don't really care about the quality when I am saving $16 on glitter nail polish, that let's be real, will not be part of my daily nail wear.  And if you can reference one of my favorite tv shows in your title, I will probably buy you just on that alone.  Well done WnW.

For the record, the trick to glitter nail polish application is to place the glitter on the nail with the brush, not sweep.

Couture vs. Cheapskate: WnW Party of Five Glitters (left) vs.
Lippman Happy Birthday

How fab is it you can get 4 bottles of nail polish for less than what it costs to get a pedicure?  Now the trick is to figure out how to paint my right hand to be a total saver.  Or just pick-up a 99-cent bottle of nail polish remover while at The Wal to clean-up my mistakes.

CC Tip:  Buy one quick-drying nail polish like this Sally Hansen Beige Blast for when you don't have time for a full-blown manicure and need to have neat nails.