Signs of Fall: Polka Dot Tights

I know what the calendar says, but in my book it's officially Fall as of yesterday.

Want to know why?  Because I wore tights for the first time.

Not my usual go-to pair but a patterned pair.  Patterned tights are perfect for coverage but feel less heavy than a true opaque pair when it is early in the season.

Like all things fashion, there must be an "it" everything and this season the "it" tight is the polka dot tight.

Bebe Polka Dot Tights
$19 at Bebe To Buy

Dot Tights
$22.50 at J.Crew To Buy
You have to zoom in to see the dots but I promise they are there!

Commando "Big Dot" Sheer Tight
$32 at Nordstrom To Buy

Wolford Bonny Dots Black Tights
$62 at Stylebop.com To Buy

There are countless more pairs out there ranging in price from around $15 up to the $62 Wolford pair.  I find with hosiery you get what you pay for but there is something about the Bebe pair that intrigues me and the price is right for something fun and frivolous.

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