Some Notes on Fall Fashion

Some of you have been asking what is up for Fall and what you need to be adding to your closet in the next few weeks.

Here is my feedback, I typically do not start shopping for Fall until October because that is when everything you see now in-stores goes on sale.  Also, the weather really does not get cooler until mid-October anyway so why pay full-price for stuff that might just sit in your closet.

In my opinion, ride the warm weather wave with your basics and fun accessories until Fall truly arrives.  This is a great way to save money and really figure out what you want and/or need for Fall.  Be a responsible CC.  In fact, I am so committed to this, I have even toyed with the idea of going on a shopping freeze until October 1.  Don't worry.  I recognize this is irrational and pure crazy talk.  But I will be smart in my shopping nonetheless!

In the meantime, here are a few pieces that you could wear now and into Fall.

Strappy Suedette Ankle Boots
$20 (!!!) at Forever21 To Buy

Spangle One Shoulder Dress
$27.80 at Forever21 To Buy

Bold Stripe Sweater
$26.99 at Old Navy To Buy

Always Skinny Jeans
$48.99 at Gap To Buy

All of these pieces can work back to your shorts, white tees and black tanks.  You can wear sandals for now or boots if the mood suits you.  Add in some fun accessories and no need to break the bank.  Bonus points if you can take these 4 pieces and make an outfit with them.

Last if you need a bit of luxury in your life, I am coveting this bag and am now convinced a blue bag is a Fall handbag necessity.  Prepare for a CC hunt.  A bag in a bold blue works beautifully back to all the fashions featured above too.

Drew bucket Leather Tote
$545 at DVF To Buy

So to recap, my personal Fall shopping is not yet ready to begin.  I will, however, keep an eye out for respectable transition pieces at good prices to bridge the fashion gap. 

That being said, I will begin working on Fall fashion trends so you can begin your closet analysis and decide what opportunities you have within your wardrobe.

Have a happy Labor Day weekend!  Let me know if you find any good deals....

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