Signs of Fall: Polka Dot Tights

I know what the calendar says, but in my book it's officially Fall as of yesterday.

Want to know why?  Because I wore tights for the first time.

Not my usual go-to pair but a patterned pair.  Patterned tights are perfect for coverage but feel less heavy than a true opaque pair when it is early in the season.

Like all things fashion, there must be an "it" everything and this season the "it" tight is the polka dot tight.

Bebe Polka Dot Tights
$19 at Bebe To Buy

Dot Tights
$22.50 at J.Crew To Buy
You have to zoom in to see the dots but I promise they are there!

Commando "Big Dot" Sheer Tight
$32 at Nordstrom To Buy

Wolford Bonny Dots Black Tights
$62 at Stylebop.com To Buy

There are countless more pairs out there ranging in price from around $15 up to the $62 Wolford pair.  I find with hosiery you get what you pay for but there is something about the Bebe pair that intrigues me and the price is right for something fun and frivolous.


Safe To Say...Ode to B

Safe to say Beyonce owned the month of September.

It started with her gracing the cover of the September issue of InStyle.

Only the biggest issue of the year!

That dress is amazing (Dolce & Gabbana).  It has my new favorite thing: gold stars.  It was also revealed in the article that during her down time she likes to sit on the couch and watch tv.  Safe to say we are soul mates.

Then came this little announcement...after a killer non-lip-synched VMA performance.

Next the woman found a way to combine leather and maternity wear.  Seriously.  What can't this woman do?

Michael Kors gown

And to top off this banner month, Beyonce turned 30.  Welcome to the club lady friend.  Coincidentally as luck would have it, my favorite Beyonce fashions come from her B'Day album circa 2005.

I love Bon Temps Beyonce.  She is so beautiful.

Then, just in case Beyonce's September wasn't spectacular enough...she was one in a party of four at Gwyneth Paltrow's private birthday bash.  What.

To add to the accolades, I dedicate the CC month of September to my #1 girl.


Green Smoking Slippers!

I feel weird referring to these flats by their proper name "smoking slippers."  It makes me feel like I have watched one too many episodes of The Playboy Club. 

Which for those of you who care, that number is zero.

Leopard Print Velvet Finish Flat
$19.40 at GoJane.com To Buy

Holler Hart of Dixie and Zoe Hart wearing Valentino pumps circa scene 1! 

Now you know what I am watching on Monday nights.

I digress.  I have been wanting a pair of green shoes forever now and when I saw this pair at Topshop, I thought maybe they were the one.

KOSY Green Suede Slipper Loafers
$100 at Topshop To Buy

Bottom line.  I thought $100 was too much to spend on this type of shoe and it really wasn't what I had my heart set on....that search is still in process.

But when I saw these on GoJane today, I felt like for less than $20, I could get these and not feel guilty when I find the green pumps of my dreams. 

Velvet Finish Flat
$19.40 at GoJane.com To Buy

No settling here because apparently it is necessary for me to own 2 pairs of green shoes.  CC Confession:  I already own one pair, so make that three.  But green is the new black in my book.

So although green was my color of choice, I would probably have bought the leopard print pair had they had it in my size.  People are all goo goo ga ga for leopard print "smoking slippers" this Fall.  $20 is a steal compared to the pairs going for $100+.

I have yet to see the slippers in-person but I know they will sell out quickly so I made an instant decision to buy and return if they look cheap or tacky.

Green smoking slippers, white blouse, skinny black pants and statement necklace makes me so excited!

CC Tip:  Go to RetailMeNot.com and type in gojane.com for extra savings if they are available.  Hint: today there was!

Bollywood Necklaces

Ever since I saw this necklace, I have kept it filed away in my mental style file as something to track down once it went on sale.

Fossil Natural Mystic Mini Bollywood Necklace
$29.40 at 6pm.com To Buy

I have a thing for vintage-inspired jewelry and something about this necklace reminded me of Ginnifer Goodwin's necklace at the Met Gala this year.

Her dress is Topshop!

Okay...so the two necklaces are nothing alike except for the color of the stones but I think my Fossil necklace would be perfect with all the green tops I added to my wardrobe last year. 

This mini necklace would also work well layered with other chunky necklaces or delicate chains to create a more modern look.

If you want this look in a more statement version, you are in luck!

Fossil Natural Mystic Dramatic Bollywood Necklace
$61.60 at 6pm.com To Buy

Only problem for me is that even on sale, it is still $60.  I believe in investing in statement pieces so I am not ruling this necklace completely out.  I might just wait a little longer to see if it goes further on sale......

The Bollywood Necklace hunt continues!


What CC Mom Bought

As promised, here are the recent purchases CC Mom made the other day while at Forever21.

As you can see, this family of CCs likes their leopard print, sequins and exposed zippers.  Correction...  make that loves their leopard print, sequins and exposed zippers.

Forever21: What CC Mom Bought

Items included in set: Forever21 Leopard Burnout Cardigan $30, Forever21 Metallic Stripes Top $18, Forever21 Sequined Knit Top $20, Forever21 Spiked Edgy Necklace $5.80

This shopping trip reiterated yet again not only where I get my fashion taste but how if you really like something, you end up being drawn to similar versions of it over and over again...i.e. a leopard print cardigan.

Despite knowing my Mom's taste pretty well, I was a little surprised with her necklace choice.  Her style typically is not "tough" but I was impressed with the selection because it is a ringer for a more pricey designer version.

This Forever21 trip was worthwhile because we both stepped a little out of our comfort zone and made some daring choices for Fall.


Blurred Sweater

Here is a sweater I bought last year at Forever21 and was uncertain at the time if it was really cute or hideous.

Blurred Cropped Cardigan
$24.80 at Forever21 To Buy

A year later, I have received quite a few compliments regarding this sweater and actually love it despite its weird color combo.  The waterfall neckline adds an interesting design element as does the puffed sleeve...all for under $25.  I wear this sweater casual with a t-shirt and jeans and dressed up with black skirt and boots.

I have grown to love this sweater as much as I thought I would.  In fact, it is hanging on my door right now!

My only word of caution is that it does run on the small side.


Platforms For Beginners

Last year I bought these shoes during a super sale at Nine West.

Now they are on sale at 6pm.com for less than $30.

Nine West Easycool
$26.99 at 6pm.com To Buy

In the picture, these shoes do not look as cute as they really are in-person.  They have a bit of a vintage flare but still feel modern and look nice with wide-leg trousers, skinny pants and dresses.  The Easycool is available in three other colors that I think are sort of "cool" too.

And do I see a little colorblocking???  Me thinks I do.

I call these shoes "platforms for beginners" because they are super comfortable and easy to walk in.  Sort of like training wheels before you are ready to move onto the big dogs.

CC Tip:  These platforms are nice for ladies who feel they have big feet.  Through some sort of optical illusion, your feet appear smaller.


My Weekend Uniform: Metallic Geo Scarf

One of the things I do this time of year to save money is mix the older pieces in my closet with items I added over the summer for a seasonally appropriate outfit.

I was pleased to discover my $7.80 scarf was all I needed to do just that.

Metallic Geo Scarf
$7.80 at Forever21 To Buy

I own this scarf in two colors now; the purple pictured above and black.  It is the perfect piece to pop an otherwise boring outfit.  Case in point when my family and I were playing Friday Night Lights by attending a high school football game.  All I wore were my go-to $16 jeggings from Forever21, the sage safari jacket, a striped tee and because you know I wear them with every outfit, the whiskies.

My Weekend Uniform: Some CC Oldies But Goodies

I wouldn't have thought much of this outfit except that I basically wore it again the next weekend with different footwear...which I am sure you find shocking.  The outfit duplication reiterated that if you can build a wardrobe of easy basics and have a few fun pieces, you don't have to spend much.

CC Dad asked if I was going to write about my FNL outfit and I said "no."  I didn't think it was exciting enough.  In retrospect, I am pretty excited that $7.80 was all I had to spend to dress up my existing basics.


Three CC Faves For The Price of One

What happens when you take one of Fall's hottest trends?

Apple Bottoms
Signature Stretch Wide Leg Editor Pant
$69.90 at Express To Buy

Add a little CC MVP action:

CC MVP -- Red Pencil Skirt

Then mix with CC's all-time favorite black skirt:

Knit Bandage Skirt
High-Waist Banded Skirt
$59.90 at Express To Buy

You end up with this!  Quite possibly the world's most amazing article of clothing:

High-Waisted Banded Skirt
$59.90 at Express To Buy

Ever since I laid eyes upon this skirt, I can't get it off my mind.  I have this skirt in two colors and I love it to death.  I wear it all the time with everything from a blazer to the office to a t-shirt and flip-flops.  If you buy only one skirt this season, this high-waist skirt would be my #1 recommendation.

You are getting three CC faves for the price of one...how about that for value?

CC Tip:  I size up in this skirt for more length and it lays better.


The Hot List! Sale

The Hot List! Sale begins today at Macy's.  This is a great opportunity to get a good deal on Fall's hottest fashions.  It is my personal favorite sale at Macy's to shop.  Best selection, best deals.

Calvin Klein Sleeveless Colorblocked Dress
$79.99 at Macy's To Buy

Another colorblocked dress!  Totally on trend and totally tasteful.  A black blazer over completes the look.

Via Spiga Asymmetrical Wool Cape
$99.99 at Macy's To Buy

The cape is available at more affordable prices this year.  I have never been that into the concept but after seeing the look above, I am now digging capes.  Black cape, rugged black knee high boots and leggings sounds super comfy (and stylish) for a Fall day.

INC International Concepts Knit Cropped Pea Coat
$74.99 at Macy's To Buy

One of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe is a knit coat.  A knit coat feels polished but is still comfortable; perfect when I need to look pulled together but don't feel like wearing a suit.  This coat is available in quite a few colors including red, yellow and of course...black.

Nine West Short Flutter Printed Faux Wrap
$96.75 at Macy's To Buy

I love this look.  A wrap dress is so flattering and the print is on trend for Fall.  I love a print that mixes brown and black so it can coordinate with either for footwear purposes.  So as the temperature drops, add black tights, black pumps and a black cardigan.  Lots of look for a good price.

MIA Kayte High-Heeled Platform
$49.99 at Macy's To Buy

We know high-heeled loafers are hot this Fall and $50 is a darn good price.  I think it would be difficult to find a lower price and of similar quality.  I also love the rubber bottom which means extra comfort.

Calvin Klein Morgan Flats
$69.99 at Macy's To Buy

Every Fall wardrobe needs a good flat.  A dressier flat makes any outfit feel more elevated with little to no effort.  Think skinny jeans or leggings and just a simple sweater.  Add some earrings and really, you are done.

The Sak Deena Crossbody Bag
$60.99 at Macy's To Buy

Last but not least, a colorblocked bag that incorporates black with metallics.  This bag will go with just about every outfit and will definitely make a statement.  And it is crossbody which is not only fashionable but functional.  Amazing!

So here is just a snapshot of what is available at Macy's this weekend.  Sale ends Sunday, 9/25.

CC Tip:  For extra savings on top of sale prices, use a WOW! Pass.


Happy Anniversary Bro and Sissy!

Today is my brother and his wife's 2-year anniversary.

We have already documented the stylings of my brother who I credit for having good taste.

But if it were not for my sister-in-law we would have never had these:

Donna Karan The Signature Collection Perfect Opaque Tights
$18 at Bare Necessities To Buy

Or this:

benefit Erase Paste
$26 at Sephora To Buy

And one of my favorite products of all-time she gave me for Christmas and I am still obsessed with:

Stila Striking in South Beach Collectible Palette #3
$14 at Sephora To Buy

She did not buy me this exact palette but one similar that I use almost daily.  I love the blush the most.  The eyeshadows for a palette are actually flattering and in colors that can be used for daily wear.  This is one of my favorite gift recommendations because you get a $62 value for less than $20.  Perfect for the make-up lover in your life like myself and Sissy.

So I love my sister-in-law because she is a great person but also because she has great taste and has introduced to the CC community items that we cannot live without it.

Happy Anniversary Bro and Sis!

Colorblocking Made Easy

Colorblocking began in a big way this Spring and is now everywhere for Fall.

What is colorblocking you ask?  Really quite simple.  Pick two (or more) complimentary colors on the color wheel and mix separates to to create a bold and colorful look.  No neutrals allowed...that means you black and white.

Let this wheel steer you to colorblock bliss

The first label to put colorblocking on the map was Gucci when they paraded rich jewel tones of emerald, sapphire and amethyst down the runway last Spring.

The dress to the right has been worn by many celebs including Kim K.

Here is Olivia Wilde wearing a look from the same collection but perhaps less bold with her black bottoms, but it is worth sharing because she is stunning and this ensemble is perfection.  For the record, her clutch might be in my dreams tonight.

More celebs in colorblocked Gucci:

via Lifetime.com
Camilla Belle, Katy Perry, J.Lo

Fast forward to earlier in the month when SJP wore this on Letterman:

Her hair is amazing.  The shoes?  Questionable.

Safe to say, you get the idea.  But here's the thing.  These colorblock looks on celebrities making fancy appearances are all fine and good, but as an average gal, I find colorblocking difficult to recreate in real life.

So here is my strategy, I cheat.  I seek out pieces that the colorblocking is already done for me.  All I have to do is put it on.  Here are some examples of colorblocking made easy:

London Times Three Quarter Sleeve Colorblock Dress
$99 at Macy's To Buy

This may not be the most dramatic example of colorblocking but that is why I like it.  The combo of grey, navy and black feels sophisticated and modern; perfect for a professional environment.  There is also a fabulous zipper up the back which always is cool with me.

Colorblock Strapless Dress
$99 at The Limited To Buy

I think it is so hard to find Fall appropriate dresses for special occasions.  The Limited always has great options such as this colorblocked dress.  I love how the pleats of the skirt work with the waves of the color for a figure-flattering effect.  My guess is this dress would be a major compliment catcher at any event.

Collective Concepts Colorblock Top
$69 at Dillard's To Buy

Here is an example of colorblocking within a colorblock: a colorblocked tee with red jeans.  Very brave and super cute, but I would probably just take this top back to a pair of regular jeans.  I do really love the top's combo of navy, fuchsia and red.  This top would look cool with a black suit too.

INC International Concepts Long Sleeve Colorblock Sweater
$69.50 at Macy's To Buy
Also available in plus sizes

I am obsessed with this sweater and if I add one colorblocked item to my wardrobe, this sweater may be it.  The colors are perfect and the angles slimming.  I basically would copy this simple and stylish look: black skinny pants and black platform pumps.  This sweater is also available in a red/black/beige colorway.

High-Waist Color Block Pencil Skirt
$69.90 at Express To Buy

Okay.  CC Confession is that I am simultaneously obsessed with this skirt.  I just think it is so modern and easy.  I appreciate nothing more than a good pencil skirt in a stretch fabric for feeling pulled together and  comfortable at work.  All you have to do is throw on a white blouse or black sweater and you are done.  I love the belt and chunky gold jewelry for accessories.

ELLE Platform High Heels
$69.99 at Kohl's To Buy

Shocking that I am back at Kohl's hitting up their shoe section.  Colorblocked shoes are the "it" shoe for the season.  As of now there are not many affordable options but I am sure more are on their way.  So get on the train early with these pumps that look far more pricey than their $70 price tag.  I have yet to be disappointed by my ELLE platforms so to say I am intrigued by these is an understatement.

via Getty Images
Who can forget these from the Grammys?

So this is how I make colorblocking easy...let's the pieces block for me.  And in most cases, I would work the piece back to a neutral because that is more realistic for my lifestyle.  For sure, these red pants I have  had my eye on are part of the equation.

CC Tip:  Of course Forever21 is a gold mine for colorblock pieces.  Type "colorblock" into their Search feature for instant results.  Other colorblock hotspots?  Old Navy and Express.