$4 Million Dollars???

One of the things I am adamant about is every woman should own 1 major piece in rhinestones.

After much searching, I can't believe the bargain I found.

Faceted Rhinestone Necklace
$12.80 at Forever21 To Buy

I wore this necklace to work yesterday with my black Grandpa cardi and a pair of pinstripe trousers.  I was a bit nervous it would be too much but lo and behold, it was quite the conversation piece.  One co-worker said, "you look more glamorous than usual." 

Extreme Close-up

Then another co-worker came by to say she loved my necklace and it reminded her of a $4 million diamond piece she saw last weekend.  I told her this was not the same piece.  Mine only cost $1 million.  Then we laughed like silly rhinestone jokers.

I personally love a good rhinestone necklace as it looks perfectly polished with evening attire but also mixes nicely with more casual tees and denim.

Case in point, look at the fashions that were featured yesterday and how for $13, this necklace punches the outfit to the next fun level.

$4 Million????

With all this being said, I could not be happier with this necklace.  Especially for the price.  I had been searching for something along these lines via J.Crew and Banana which would have cost me, I am sure, around $75+.  So even though I saved some money, I don't feel like I sacrificed any quality or style.

I feel like anytime someone tells you something you bought for $13 reminds them of something worth $4 million...you couldn't have done that bad?

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