Fall 2011 Trends: The Goddess Dress

One of the things I love about fashion is watching it evolve.

As we all know, maxi dresses are a must-have during warm weather.  Because over the last few years people became more focused on making their fashion dollars stretch, we began to see summer's maxi dresses layered under blazers or cozy sweaters come colder temperatures.

Now that people are perhaps feeling a bit more optimistic, we see the next step in this fashion evolution, the "Goddess Dress" aka a maxi dress with sleeves.

Please see Nicole Richie, Jennifer Lopez and Lea Michele for reference.

Here is the thing, the "Goddess Dress" as its name implies, is pretty new on the fashion scene and does not come cheap.  I did my best to find suitable options for $100 or less.  If you think this dress is something you are willing to invest a bit more money in, you will find many options, especially at $200+ range.

So without further ado...

Fall 2011 Trends: The Goddess Dress

1.  Kimono Maxi Dress $98 - Victoria's Secret
2.  Daniel Rainn Floral Maxi Dress $79 - Piperlime
3.  Hive & Honey Belted Maxi Dress $59 - Piperlime
4.  Slit Front Maxi Dress $100 - Topshop Check out the back on this dress! 
5.  Kensie Long Sleeve Belted Maxi Dress $88 - Lord and Taylor
6.  Wavy Print Maxi Dress $88 - Arden B.

Please promise me if you go the Goddess route, you will wear your dress with a pair of funky booties and great bag.  Bonus points for celebrity-inspired, vintage-like sunglasses.

The Goddess Dress is for sure something we can keep on the CC radar to see if we can score any bargains come Sale Season.  I have a feeling it is a look that will be around a few more seasons so it can be a smart investment.  And it sure makes a statement.  These are the best pieces to spend more money on.


Tara Steil said...

The goddess dress reminds me of Marni from True Blood. To bad she's annoying but the dresses are lovely.

Couture Cheapskate said...

Totally. That Marni (or Antonia) is a crazy bat.