Bollywood Necklaces

Ever since I saw this necklace, I have kept it filed away in my mental style file as something to track down once it went on sale.

Fossil Natural Mystic Mini Bollywood Necklace
$29.40 at 6pm.com To Buy

I have a thing for vintage-inspired jewelry and something about this necklace reminded me of Ginnifer Goodwin's necklace at the Met Gala this year.

Her dress is Topshop!

Okay...so the two necklaces are nothing alike except for the color of the stones but I think my Fossil necklace would be perfect with all the green tops I added to my wardrobe last year. 

This mini necklace would also work well layered with other chunky necklaces or delicate chains to create a more modern look.

If you want this look in a more statement version, you are in luck!

Fossil Natural Mystic Dramatic Bollywood Necklace
$61.60 at 6pm.com To Buy

Only problem for me is that even on sale, it is still $60.  I believe in investing in statement pieces so I am not ruling this necklace completely out.  I might just wait a little longer to see if it goes further on sale......

The Bollywood Necklace hunt continues!

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