My Weekend Uniform: Metallic Geo Scarf

One of the things I do this time of year to save money is mix the older pieces in my closet with items I added over the summer for a seasonally appropriate outfit.

I was pleased to discover my $7.80 scarf was all I needed to do just that.

Metallic Geo Scarf
$7.80 at Forever21 To Buy

I own this scarf in two colors now; the purple pictured above and black.  It is the perfect piece to pop an otherwise boring outfit.  Case in point when my family and I were playing Friday Night Lights by attending a high school football game.  All I wore were my go-to $16 jeggings from Forever21, the sage safari jacket, a striped tee and because you know I wear them with every outfit, the whiskies.

My Weekend Uniform: Some CC Oldies But Goodies

I wouldn't have thought much of this outfit except that I basically wore it again the next weekend with different footwear...which I am sure you find shocking.  The outfit duplication reiterated that if you can build a wardrobe of easy basics and have a few fun pieces, you don't have to spend much.

CC Dad asked if I was going to write about my FNL outfit and I said "no."  I didn't think it was exciting enough.  In retrospect, I am pretty excited that $7.80 was all I had to spend to dress up my existing basics.

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