One Store, 2 Must Have Scarves

Please visit your local Limited store soon and treat yourself to either (or both) of these chic scarves for an easy outfit update.

Both scarves $29.90 at The Limited and thelimited.com

As already mentioned, lace is Miss Popularity this Fall so why shouldn't it be on a scarf too?  Leopard print is the new black.  It is classic yet still modern. 

Why do I love these scarves besides they pop your basics? For those of you who are maybe a bit hesitant to try out some of Fall's trends, the scarf is a great way to test drive before you commit via the clothing option.  Also amazing, the way each scarf could dress up your little black dress just as easily as it could your leather jacket and jeans or cardigan and tee.  The best part?  Scarves fit everyone and do not come in sizes.

CC Tip:  The Limited is almost always doing some version of a promotion, so keep your eyes peeled!

To Buy:


CC On the Street -- Navy and White Stripes

Today I had the pleasure of observing a well-dressed woman crossing the street in front of me.  What caught my eye is the riding boots she was wearing that were basically identical to the ones I bought over the summer.  So naturally I was intrigued by what outfit she had put together and what I found, although simple, was very effective...and chic.

Start with already purchased riding boots from gojane.com:

Then add basic white cami and jeggings:

Now the 2 pieces which made this perfectly put-together look a traffic stopper:

What I love:  On their own, none of these pieces is like the most amazing piece of fashion ever known to man but all together they add up to one casual chic look perfect for running errands or a casual hang.  Even better, is the versatility of each piece working back to other pieces already in your wardrobe.  Please check out this cardigan on the forever21 website because it also comes in a royal blue and black combo that is to die for.  Even best?  Did I mention this whole outfit will cost you around $70....including boots?  For 5 pieces and $70 bucks you will be able to mix and match on an inifinite basis.  Insane.

To this I say, "thank you fashionable stranger.  May our paths cross again and I hope to find you in an equally casual chic look.  Please next time carry your handbag in a way which allows me to see how you accessorized more clearly.  Well done."

Boots $31.30 at gojane.com

All remaining items at forever21.com
White cami $4.90
Jeggings $15.80
Cardigan $12.50
Scarf $5.90



Beauty Buy #3 -- Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

Inspired by my Snazzy pink and Neon Yellow sports bras from Target I discovered yesterday, I decided to share one of my new obsessions that wakes your body up and gets it going. May I introduce you to my friend....

bliss super minty soap'n scrub
$30 at blissworld.com

All of my favorite bath products somehow involve mint and this scrub definitely takes mint to the extreme.  The scrub is thick for moisture and contains jojoba beads for exfoliation.  The peppermint leaves your skin feeling fresh, invigorated and like it has a layer of personal air conditioning sitting on top of it for sometime after you are done bathing.  You may feel a bit like you are rubbing toothpaste all over your body but for those of you who like aromatherapy while you bathe, it is a worthwhile trade-off.

As I have already confessed, exercise is not my passion but according to the bliss website, athletes love this product because it cools you down post-workout.  Does me watching an ANTM marathon in my Snazzy pink sports bra count as a workout?  If not, than those of you like me, will love using this product in the morning when you need a little something extra to get go-going.  Literally your skin will tingle.

Although $30 may seem expensive for a treatment cream, this service at the famous bliss spa would cost upwards of $150.  One bottle will last awhile as this is something to be used only once or twice a week.  I think it is worth spending more on little luxuries like bath products because the invigorating effects will stay with you all day.

To Buy:
8oz. bliss super minty soap'n scrub


Sundays at Target

Like most other Americans, I often find myself at Target on Sundays buying everything from dog food to sleepwear.  Conveniently I almost always end up leaving with stuff I don't actually need but just want because I am sucker for good prices and endcap displays.

A couple finds I stumbled across that I think most ladies would enjoy.

Flannel Pajama Pant in Grey Lace $9.99
Who says your loungewear cannot be stylish?  Comfy, Cozy, Chic and Cheap.  Done and Done.

Seamless Racer Back Bra in Snazzy Pink and Yellow $14.00
I will be the first to admit that sometimes the sports bras in my dresser get a little dusty from lack of use, but if I had one in SNAZZY pink and neon yellow, they definitely would get some wear!  Okay...around the house for lounging purposes.

I am envisioning myself on the couch watching an ANTM marathon in my grey lace flannel pants, snazzy pink sports bra, white t-shirt and Uggs.  Does anything sound more fabulous?


All-in-One Black, Brown, Charcoal Jacket...With Chains?

If you only buy one jacket all Fall, I have just the one for you.

Embellished Open-Front Jacket
$79.90 at Express stores
and express.com

What I Like:  The key to CC dressing is versatility and this jacket nails it.  It combines colors, trends and a fabulous fit for one perfect jacket.  For starters, the fabric is a woven blend of black, brown and metallic charcoal.  The three colors combined create an effect which will let you match it with just about any underpinning.  Also, the jacket is trimmed in a delicate pewter chain - trust me not too much chain or too gaudy as I generally steer clear of chains on my clothing.  To take away some of the edge, that chain trim is layered with a small trim of black tulle.  The perfect marriage of hard and soft on fabric.  Last but not least, the fit is pretty great.  There are knit inlays which give it a little stretch and feminine shape.  The length of the jacket makes it one that can work for longer torsos as well as for our more petite friends.  I am also well aware this picture does not do this jacket justice!

What I Wear It With:  If you want to one-stop shop, stay at Express and pair the jacket back to a pair of their black pants or the high-wist mini bandage skirt shown below.  Many a compliment was received at my workplace...one co-worker even said the C-word (Chanel).  Equally acceptable is of course back to a pair of jeans.  Toughen it up with a pair of boots or keep it feminine with a pair of kitten heels.  I would recommend steering clear of any jewelry that involves multiple chains as that it is overkill.  Keep your look simple and modern.

CC Tip:  I have not seen this jacket left in very many stores.  It is worth the risk ordering online especially if you see it go on sale.  The jacket also runs fitted and slim through the arm.  You can play around with the size depending on how you want it to fit.

To Buy:
Embellished Open Front Jacket at Express.com


On the Sale Rack -- Banana Republic Jewelry

I loved Banana's jewelry this Fall and unfortunately bought a few pieces of it at full-price only to now see it on sale....you win some you lose some.  These pieces are classic enough you will be able to scoop them up at a great price and wear them beyond this season.

Guinevere Ring $24.99

There is nothing more critical to a woman's jewelry collection than a cocktail ring.  What I appreciate about this ring is its unique setting and mixture of stones.  It is not so large you can only wear it for evening and it most definitely can be layered with other rings on the same hand.  Don't even get me started on smokey stones as they are my new jewelry obsession.

If you feel like perhaps doing a ring in a more neutral setting try the Harlequin ring $19.99  below:

Pyramid Stud Earrings $13.99

If it isn't already obvious, I love anything with a stud.  So if you give me a stud earring, it is almost too much for me to handle.  These earrings are the perfect combo of simple and edgy.  The size of these earrings is nice because they are on the small side which makes them great basics for everyday wear.

Venus Lure Necklace $49.99

Although this necklace is not necessarily cheap, it is does deliver a lot of style for the price.  For $50, you get a statement piece that makes your less expensive basics more interesting and eye catching.  This necklace is huge and heavy so beware...but not only does it mix metals but adds glass crystals in as well.  It can also be worn two ways so you could consider it two necklaces for the price of one.


Great Game Day Outfit

Besides the parade of fashion's finest down the runways, Fall brings with it another tradition...football season!  Football games are great for gathering your friends and family around taco dip and beer but can be very difficult for us ladies when selecting the perfect outfit that says, "Don't get me wrong, I care about the game but I want to look cute too."  Note: this is where you put the authentic jersey back in your closet.

In true Couture Cheapskate spirit, the perfect football outfit can be made of versatile pieces you can wear beyond game day.

Start with:

Sequin Bib Tee $44.50 at Ann Taylor Loft

I love this shirt by Loft because at its core it is just a basic tee but so much more.  The ornamentation at the neckline makes it interesting but since the sequins are a brushed gold, it is not too much for an afternoon hang.  Even better, just a pair of earrings is all the jewelry you need.

Two more highlights: The pleats at the neckline give the tee a feminine drape but keep the fabric from clinging.  Also, the back ties into a keyhole which again takes this tee to the next level of t-shirt.

Even though not game day appropriate, this tee can be worked into your professional wardrobe because it can be dressed up or down.  It can just as easily be tucked into a black skirt with a jacket over as it can a pair of jeans.  Hidden benefit: recycle your weekend outfit into your Monday morning work outfit when you are too tired to pick something new out.

Add your skinny jeans and boots, a perfect game day uniform:

Couture Cheapskate dressing is all about buying pieces that can be dressed up or down to stretch your wardrobe dollar.  That being said, in the CC game, this tee is a touchdown.


Beauty Buy #2 -- Forever Sunshine

This time of year fragrance can be a challenge.  With the end of summer it is time to put away the tropical and exotic scents of summer and embrace the spicier notes of Fall.  This brings up one of life's eternal questions, "what fragrance does one use during transition weather?"  Mystery solved.  Forever Sunshine.
Forever Sunshine Shower Gel
$10.50 at Bath and Body Works

Per Bath and Body Works, "Forever Sunshine captures romance of warm days that linger into cool autumn. Experience this fragrance whenever you crave the essence of summer."  

This is scent everyone can enjoy because it is a little floral, a little fruity and a hint of warm and earthy. The notes include golden apricot, pink peonies and a hint of praline.  It is a bit floral but there is enough apricot and praline to keep it in check.  It is available in a Eau de Toilette but if you are someone like me who prefers subtlety, I recommend just using the shower gel.

Bonus...save some in your vanity for the middle of winter when you need a warm weather pick me up or if you are lucky enough to travel during the colder months.


Classic Cardi, Vintage Embellishment

As I always say, I have to give credit where credit is due...It was my Mom who tipped me off to this cardigan via a tip she received from a friend.  Love the combo of classic and vintage.

Embellished Vintage Cardigan
$59.50 at Gap

What I Like:  Two of my favorite things are cardigans and embellishments.  If you can get both in 1 piece...heaven.  I am always a sucker for anything unexpected a la the subtle shoulder detail.  The embellishment is just enough detail without going overboard.  If you are someone who has hesitated with ornamentation in the past, this is embellishment for beginners at its best.  The ability to wear this cardigan casual, professional and dressy is the perfect fashion trifecta.

What I Wear It With:  Again, this cardigan can do it all.  It is a perfect compliment to the professional wardrobe with a cami and black pants or skirt.  It can go just as easily over a black dress for Saturday nights as it can with a pair of jeans and boots for running errands.  If you really want to send me into a tailspin, belt the cardigan at the waist with the Limited skinny belt featured below.

Word on the street is the cardigan is a little roomy.  This cardigan is selling quickly out of stores but pay attention to gap.com as they usually do promos and have more inventory.

The Most Amazing Belt Ever

On a recent shopping trip, I picked up this nondescript belt for a friend of mine and did not think too much about it....little did I know we had stumbled upon the most amazing belt ever.  No joke!

Covered Buckle Skinny Belt
$19.90 at The Limited

Oh Covered Buckle Skinny Belt, how I love you...let me count the ways.  #1  It is a classic basic that gets the job done #2  It is available in 7 different colors #3 It is $19.90!!!  and I saved the best for last #4 It is adjustable!

I know the adjustable feature may seem like no big deal BUT for those of us who have had difficulty getting a belt to fit just so, this belt totally eliminates that issue.  You can adjust the belt to fit into a pair of pants or higher up around your waist over sweaters and dresses.  It is basically buying 3 belts for the very low price of 1.  Plus it comes in small, medium and large for an even more precise fit.

Although this belt may not be your superstar, it will definitely be your utility player that keeps your look polished and pulled-together.  And for $19.90?  No brainer...buy 2. 


On the Sale Rack -- Cheap & Chic Finds

Finding a stylish handbag on sale is rare find and in general the one piece of your wardrobe I would ordinarily suggest investing in.  However, both of these handbags from Nine West deliver on style and value.
 Sweptaway Clutch $39.99

I love the colors of this bag...black suede, gold and brown metallic patches and a removable silver chain. This color combo goes with just about everything.  The asymmetrical flap is interesting and the oversize clutch is the new hot shape in handbags.  Remove that chain link strap for the clutch and you've got 2 handbags for the price of 1!  This bag can go day to evening - wear with jeans and either a black blazer or cardigan or a little black dress after dark.

Tikabead Canvas Hobo $29.99

This bag comes in two colors that are good buys now and will be ready to go when summer rolls around next year.  Tribal is a basic trend for summer and really never goes out of style so buying this bag is a safe bet for future use.  For over 50% off, the detail-work is ornate, including beading on the strap...I love the red and turquoise beading against the gold hardware. Wear with jean shorts, a tee and your best boho jewelry for day, change into a sundress and gold jewelry for a dressier look.  Just make sure you keep your footwear a little more subdued to not overdo the tribal trend.

Both of these handbags are beyond versatile and can add an element of pop to an otherwise basic outfit.

ninewest.com is temporarily offering free ground shipping on orders of $50 or more...limited time only.


Couture Cheapskate's Fall Top Trends

The September magazines have hit newsstands featuring all the Fall fashion highlights we can't live without.  At 2-inches wide a piece, it can be a bit overwhelming to decipher what are the key items you must buy to be in style for the upcoming season.

To save you time, I have compiled what I believe to be the most chic, easy to find and wearable trends for Fall 2010:

Green -- It is the color for Fall especially given that military continues to inspire. My favorite hue is emerald as you will see all jewel tones make a major statement for the next 6 months. If green is not a good color on you, try your accessories in green.
Side Ruffle Sweater $49.90 at Limited Stores

Lace -- It's all about the mix of hard and soft; feminine and masculine for Fall fashion. Lace is the perfect wink to your softer side...adding a sexy touch to the otherwise macho fashions showing up on the runway. Easy trend to incorporate on your tees and underpinnings. Believe it or not, lace is everywhere including hosiery and footwear.

Lace Allure Boot $27.80 at forever21.com

Ornamentation -- Put your bedazzler away because everything this season has a stud, sequin or chain.  Sometimes all of the above. The good news is you will save money on jewels because your tops will be coming with the glitz already attached.

Pearl and Chain Tee $49.50 at Loft

Utilitarian footwear -- Dainty, ladylike heels will always be a fashion staple but this Fall it is all about proving fashion can be practical. Okay, so maybe you will not be marching or shoveling snow in your 4-inch booties but at least onlookers might appreciate your perceived commitment to function over fashion.

Lace-up Faux Shearling Bootie $27.90 at gojane.com

Statement jewelry -- The bigger the better! Layer necklaces, rings and bracelets in mixing metals to create the perfect thrown together look where accessory is queen. Many stores are offering statement options and all you have to do is provide the basic for an interesting look. Remember...don't be afraid to experiment. For once, less is not more.

Hive and Honey Statement Necklace $68.00 at piperlime.com
The best part of all these Fall trends is even the novice chic and cheap shopper can find 1 or more of these trends at most stores!  Not to mention all of these trends are easy updates to your existing wardrobe.  The third best part? The variety in price range that you can find each trend.  Happy Fall Shopping!