Target Dresses Under $30

I feel like when I try-on clothes, I either hate everything or love everything and therefore feel panicked over what I am going to take home and what I am going to leave behind.

Such was the case when I tried on dresses the other day at where else?  Target.

Target Dresses Under $30
  1. Merona Women's High-Low Hem Sundress $24.99 This dress reminds me of Lily Pulitzer but more sporty.  I like the stripe detailing mixed with the tropical print, this season's most stylish pattern.  I also appreciate the tie waist which allows for a more flattering custom fit.
  2. Xhilaration Juniors Eyelet Shift Dress $24.99 Meet the dress that came home with me except I opted for cream.  I have been searching for a white lace dress and thought this was the perfect choice because it can be worn casual or to the office.  Despite being a juniors dress the fit is more generous and okay for those of us with hips.
  3. Mossimo Women's Pleated Knit Dress $27.99 This dress has been on my mind non-stop since I left Target.  First, you know I am currently obsessed with leaf print.  Second, the gathering at the front is draped so well that the dress looks designer.  It would look amazing under a black blazer at work.
  4. Merona Women's Kimono Sleeve Maxi Dress $29.99 Maxi dresses are officially on my "do not buy" list but this dress may be the exception.  The description is kimono but I think it feels a little Grecian with the crossover top and empire waist.  What I like about this dress is the hem is not all the way to the floor intentionally so when paired with heels, for once, I don't look like I am prepping for a flood.
The common theme among these dresses is I feel like the quality is exceptional for the price.  There isn't any sacrifice when it comes to fit or fabric which is key when shopping on a budget.  Add beautiful jewels, a smart clutch and stylish sandals to really escalate the look of each dress.

CCTip:  Because not every Target carries the same clothes, they have a wonderful "find in store" button on their website that helps narrow down your target destinations and saves you time searching.


CC Mommy Presents: The Braided Racerback Tank

CC Mommy is here with a cute and affordable tank top that I think works for Moms and non-Moms who struggle with hiding their mid-section when the temperatures rise.

During my almost daily check at Forever21.com, I came across this braided racerback tank.  I initially took a closer look because of the cool hunter green color but quickly realized the relaxed, flowy fit could make it a summer staple worthy of purchasing in black and white as well (only a $10.80 price tag).

See...I am wearing shorts.

Upon becoming a mom, I've notice that my summer style has changed a bit.  Pre-baby I often found myself wearing some sort of fitted tank.  And while I still love my tank tops, I am less enamored with my post-baby mid-section which is not flattered by anything super-fitted.

What happened to my waist?

braided racerback tank

This top will be super comfortable yet also flattering.  It will also lend itself well to one of my favorite summer trends: printed skinny jeans and shorts.  I plan on wearing a bandeau in lieu of a bra but think this tank can also be layered with another tank top underneath if you need more support.

CC Not The Mommy Says:  What happened to my waist?  Sounds like this tank would work for my muffin top from too many Skinny Cows and Scandal-watching on the couch.  I also like the length of this tank for us longer torso gals.

CC Mommy Tip:  I happen to like Forever21's skinny jeans (lots of elastic and great prices) but I have also seen many cute printed skinny jeans at Gap and JCPenney.


Things I Love This Summer So Far

Summer is only two days old but I have already fallen in love with the following:

Things I Love This Summer So Far

  1. Dove Body Wash in Blue Fig & Orange Blossom $5.50 A nice thick formula with a light summer scent.  Doubles as shaving cream for maximum moisture.
  2. Old Navy T-Shirts $7.50 For some reason Old Navy tees get better with age.  I live in them during the summer.
  3. Bath & Body Works Limoncello 3-Wick Candle This candle is potent.  Makes your house smell recently cleaned.  And perfect for covering up inside grilling gone bad.
  4. Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple This book got a lot hype.  Not the best book ever but I finished it in mere days.  A quick and fun summer read.
  5. Skinny Cow Limited Edition Chocolate Covered Cherry Cones I don't especially love cherries but these cones are delicious AND only 150 calories.  You feel like you get a lot of ice cream for the calories.  A food bargain if you will similar to microwave popcorn.
  6. Scandal I signed-up for Amazon Prime by mistake but have been using it non-stop to catch-up on Scandal.  ABC does not show that sucker anywhere for free.  I find myself falling in love with Olivia Pope.  My life has purpose again after the end of tv season.
I also love the super moon.


Drapey Printed Pant

It should come as no surprise that I have my eye on yet another pair of printed pants.

They are my favorite.  I love them and I won't stop.

You can probably tell from the photo (or the description), these pants have a slight drape which equals super comfy.  Fancy pajama pants anyone?  The weight of the fabric is perfect for summer and of course is super versatile as you can dress these pants up or down with a quick change of your top and shoe.

LOFT Julie Print Pant

Because of the drape of the pant, a fitted top is a must to keep the look from going too far into pajama zone.  I like this white peplum top but if one stop shopping is your thing, LOFT has an option too.  What would an outfit be without a statement necklace?  I keep coming back to this one from Kendra Scott because the colors are so versatile and I love a chunky stone.  I mean who doesn't?

This ring is always a go-to for me too.  I should probably just make the purchase already.

Another item I have had my eye on for some time is this straw clutch from Express.  In-person it looks far more designer than its price tag.  As stated previously, graphic raffia is hot this summer.  Case in point, see this clutch from J.Crew for about $150 more.

Here is another pair of shoes I have added to my collection this Spring.  Slingbacks are my new thing.  A pointed-toe shoe, especially one in patent leather, can escalate a somewhat casual outfit to more dressed-up in one quick change.  With a drapey pant, you need a more sophisticated shoe if you want to be able to wear these pants to the office.  Of course I would add a black blazer too.  Shocking.

As much as I love these pants, my current strategy is to wait and see if they get another markdown.  There are still many sizes available online so that might mean another mark.  Read those reviews y'all.  Love all the comfy comments.


Weekend Alert: H&M Summer Sale

H&M started their Summer Sale and this is how I intend to spend my $10.

H&M Black Embroidered Tunic $10

This tunic reminds me of some stuff Isabel Marant has been doing lately.  It is a little roomy but I think it would look cute with shorts, leggings or jeans like the model below.  Also like the model, I have some lace-up heels waiting in my arsenal to perhaps partner with said tunic.

One little detail I don't want you to miss is the lower hem in the back.  Who doesn't like a little extra coverage?  I also think the model is whistling a tune because she is so happy with her purchase.



Sometimes in the summer you have to do some off-season shopping to really maximize your savings.

Take, for example, one of my favorite style-setters, Kate Moss, sporting a mint green fur coat:

While I am not endorsing her coat, one thing I can get on board with are her Isabel Murant Blackson boots.

However, said boots will set you back a mere $1300.  I guess if you are wearing a 3/4 length mint fur coat, money is not of concern for you.  But it is for me.  That is why I have been eyeing these boots from everyone's favorite copycat Steve Madden.

The Madden boots are not an exact imitation, but knowing our buddy Steve, I'm sure the Marants were the inspiration.  I can't hate though.  For $50 bucks, I am down with these boots. And although not necessarily a summertime purchase, the price is pretty awesome.  Besides being about $1200 less than the Marants, these boots have been marked down from $130, which is a savings of $80 bucks.

Perhaps these stylish yet affordable boots are worth purchasing now and holding onto for Fall?

Allegedly Fall is going to be all about the rock star style.  These boots from last year feel like a good way to get started.  You can't beat the price as they are on sale from last Fall.  Plus, doesn't the weather feel a little fall-like right now anyway?

Although many stores are promoting summer sales, this is not the lowest prices will go so if you can wait, do so.  That being said, now is a great time to pick-up fall/winter items from last season before they are cleared out to make room for new fall inventory circa July.

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