Faux Fur Party

Speaking of cobalt....

These slippers:

Kate Spade New York "Charlene"
$75 at Zappos.com  To Buy

Plus our #1 girl's fur coat:

Equal this faux fur jacket from Loft:

Color Pop Faux Fur Jacket
$118 at Loft  To Buy

Is it amazing?  Or is it hideous?  Sometimes I can't decide with my love for anything obnoxious.  There are some Cookie Monster similarities, but I also think if executed correctly, this jacket could be pretty fabulous.

Maybe then I would get invited to party with B and Kelly.


Cobalt Comfort

I saw these shoes at Payless...

Blakely Floral Flat
$26.99 at Payless  To Buy

And it made me think of these slippers...

Kate Spade New York "Charlene"
$75 at Zappos.com  To Buy

Fine.  One is a slipper and one is a flat.  Different purposes I guess.

But they are more similar than different with their cobalt color and floral-inspired accent.  I also appreciate the value of each shoe.  Both pairs are reasonably priced and will get worn often because of their comfort and color.

CC Tip:  These Kate Spade slippers are also available in red and black and would make excellent gifts for any lady on your list.


Pitbull...Yet Again We Thank You

While I was busy at my Thanksgiving dinner bullying people into watching and/or caring about a football game that did not involve our hometown team, this magical blessing arrived circa halftime.

You're welcome family and friends.

Pitbull in an all-black everything that not only included a gorgeous leather jacket but also a matching set of gloves.  Because you know it is very chilly in a dome with a retractable roof this time of year in Texas.

I cannot locate who designed this jacket but I will tell you one thing...I love anything leather combined with knit.  Gucci has the 'lola' boot which began my love affair and this jacket reiterates why this combo is so amazing.  I mean...if it weren't amazing, would Pitbull really be wearing it?

The Gucci 'lola'

So while the 'lola' is a beautiful equestrian piece of business, it is not very CC.  So here is another pair of boots in black leather and knit that has been on my radar.

Double Buckle Sweater Top Boot
$30 at GoJane.com  To Buy

Now back to Pitbull.  I bet some of you are asking why is Pitbull such a gentleman?  Who wears black pants to a football game?  Does the man own jeans?  Are black loafers acceptable football footwear?  Is that amount of chest hair appropriate on a national holiday?

The answer is I don't know.

I do know one thing though...I am thankful, yet again, for Pitbull's fabulous fashion.  


CC Shopping Update: November Edition

Seeing how I am trying to share things more upon purchase, I feel like I have some critical info that must be revealed for smart shopping purposes.

L'Oreal Charming Cockatoo's Blush
$9.99 at Walgreen's  To Buy

I absolutely love this L'Oreal blush and find it shocking that it only costs $9.99.  The coverage is a very colorful yet soft flush....tres romantic.  You know I love my Bobbi Pale Pink, but this is a nice option when you want something more subtle, romantic and subdued.  This blush works best with a more bold lip such as fuchsia or bordeaux.

Popcorn Sweater-Knit Scarves
$12.50 at Old Navy  To Buy

This scarf is more green than yellow.  I guess I should have assumed given the color "lime wedge."  It falls just shy of neon yellow but I think it will still look nice with my black leather coat.  What I will tell you is this scarf wraps and bunches amazing.  It piles so perfectly that I am considering picking it up in a different color because it is exactly what I am looking for in terms of a chunky knit scarf.  Perhaps saucy red?

Cuffed Dress Capris
$32.99 at Old Navy  To Buy

These are definitely capris versus ankle length.  Man!  Those self-explanatory product titles really throw me off.  The color is pretty great and I think I have multiple ways to work them into my wardrobe but I will tell you one thing, they are tight.  I sometimes find less expensive fabrics stretch upon wear...so fingers crossed.

Shimmery Metallic Raglan Top
$15.80 at Forever21  To Buy

Despite this top's relative neutral appearance, it has absolutely been one of my most worn items in my wardrobe this Fall.  Hmmmm...maybe that is why neutrals are a worthwhile investment?  Well, I saw this top in a soft blue at Forever21 and I must admit, my wheels are turning.  Do I need the blue version also?  While I don't see myself wearing it a lot during the winter, I think it would be lovely come Spring.

Stay tuned fellow CCs!


CC Crew Endorsement: Jersey Blazer Bliss

You guys are in luck!  You get a break from the usual CC musings today.  Instead you are treated to some wisdom from the CC Community on something every woman needs in her closet...a polished black knit blazer.

This blazer gets not one but two endorsements from members of the CC Crew.  You may remember CCE and CCT from this summer and their New Orleans fashion.  It is today we discuss their mutual love for their Zara Jersey Blazer.

Jersey Blazer
$79 at Zara  To Buy

We know CCE is quite the expert packer so I was surprised to hear she struggled with what to pack for her honeymoon to Germany and Mallorca this summer.  But she was up against some challenges: temperature swings, fashion forward Europeans, suitcase space and all the usual obstacles that go along with building the perfect vacation wardrobe.  

The main thing CCE needed was something to keep her warm but also polished.  She wanted a jacket that was comfortable and versatile for both day and evening-wear.  Using her CC skills, CCE found this jersey blazer from Zara and was able to integrate it into her honeymoon wardrobe as well her at-home wardrobe in the temperature swing capital of the world, Chicago.

How simple yet stylish is this outfit...only thing missing?  This pouch!

Upon returning home, CCE was eager to share with her friends why this blazer is so great.  First, a black blazer goes with everything.  The longer silhouette and single-button closure make for a flattering fit on most body types.  The sleeves can either be left down or rolled-up to reveal a striped cuff for two different looks.  Last, the jersey makes the blazer insanely comfortable and allows it to work with both casual and more dressed-up attire.

After hearing such great things about this jersey blazer, CCT bought one also.

Rear View (See CC Tip below)

I was out to dinner with CCT the other night and she styled her jersey blazer to perfection.; jeans, sparkly tank and heels.  CCT echoed CCE's sentiment and was truly pleased with her purchase.  Besides being super stylish, CCT was comfortable and now had the perfect piece to wear with her evening tops for warmth and coverage.  She also has a blazer that works with her office attire and dresses-up her more casual pieces.

Sequin-Front Cami
$22.94 at Old Navy  To Buy
(FYI...Not CCT's cami)

So there you have it friends!  A black knit blazer is a staple of my wardrobe, albeit mine is super old, so I am happy to share one that you can buy now and comes endorsed by 2 valued members of the CC Crew.  Thank you ladies for your fashionable yet affordable insights!  Much appreciated by all.

Here are some of my favorite pieces that would work well with this jersey blazer:

Zara Jersey Blazer

Items included in set: Zara Jersey Blazer $80,  Old Navy Sequin-Front Cami $23, DV by Dolce Vita Leopard Booties $99, Zara Sequin Wallet $60, Gorjana Star Studs $35, Forever21 Rhinestone Collar $15, Forever21 Diamond Necklace $8.96

CC Tip #1:  This is actually 2 tips for the price of one.  If you want a blazer with a flattering fit, look for one with a seam down the back.  Not only will your blazer lay better but the seam gives you a better range of motion (jumping jacks?) for added comfort.

CC Tip #2:  Always snip the basting stitches that keep the rear flap of your blazer closed.  These are the big white strings that are loosely stitched on top of your garment.  These stitches give the item hanger appeal and make it lay flat.  I use manicure scissors.  It kills me how many people forget to do this.


CCs Like To Party Too!

Beyonce is truly magical.  Besides being the woman of my dreams, she has the ability to transform a ho hum song into a way hot music video.

Now I  like the song and love the video.

Here is why:

Reason #1: Cosmetics  Her make-up is to die for.  Those cat eyes in dramatic blacks and purples, seafoams and olive greens are gorgeous. Perfectly complemented with glittery fuchsia and metallic orange lipstick.  Her day-glo nails are pretty fabulous too.  Now if I could only get in that bathroom to see what brands she is using.  I am obsessed with these close-ups and make-up suggestions.

Reason #2:  Hair  Bouffants are my thing especially the messy beehive kind that show a bit of roots.  I also wish I could get my own hair to have that perfectly dirty and tousled look.   I would give anything for that volume.

Obsessed does not even begin to describe.

Reason #3: Yellow Fur  I don't like fur except when it is done in a really fun obnoxious way.  If you watched the video, you know what I am talking about.  I have been thinking about her yellow coat non-stop since the moment I saw the video.  If there was a faux fur version, I would probably buy it.

Reason #4: Fun  This is video is pretty much the epitome of why I love Beyonce.  She is fun, likes playing with fashion, being creative and most important...being crazy.  I also love seeing her dance with her sister Solange and Kelly Rowland.  I want to find this trailer park asap and dance with them.


Kelly aka 2/3 of Destiny's Child

Reason #5: Fashion (duh) Although Beyonce is trying to convey a laid-back, low-cost lifestyle, don't let her fool you.  Those fashions are as designer as they come...from a feather Louis Vuitton coat to vintage Pucci hotpants.  Those Rodarte peek-a-boo booties are not too bad either.  Perfect for lounging on a lawn chair...in a green fur vest... in the middle of summer.  Only Queen B.

Last but not least, perhaps the most stunning still from the whole video.  

Perfection.  I love gold sequins.

My only complaint?  The Andre 3000 omit for J. Cole.  I am dying to know what Andre would have worn to the party.  Probably a fur vest too.

No Monday morning blues here cause we like to party, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.


CC Weekend Shopping

It may only be Saturday morning, but yours truly has already been out and about scooping up some stylish steals this weekend.

Starting with this sweater:

Metallic Cowl-Neck Sweater
$11.93 (in-store) at Old Navy  To Buy

There is nothing really spectacular about this sweater but it suited my mood for something cozy and comfortable.  The cowl neck lies nicely and the vented hem adds a nice touch.  The knit is a combination of charcoal, light grey and metallic gold threads which sounds weird but actually creates a versatile blend that can be dressed up or down.  Most important, it was comfortable and flattering which is all I really need in a sweater.  Oh...and it was $8.  Old Navy has an extra 30% off clearance this weekend in-stores.

Colorful Geo Scarf
$10.80 at Forever21  To Buy

Okay.  This is something I didn't actually buy but have had on my mind since I left Forever21.  They must have just received this scarf because there was a huge stack of them so I decided to show some restraint.  I restrained because I already bought the metallic geo scarf and felt this was very similar.  After giving it more thought, I realized while both geometric, they are not that similar.  I mainly am in love with the color combo: grey, royal blue, orange and hot pink.  It does not translate very well in the image but is appealing in-person. This is yet another versatile scarf to add to my collection in a palette that mixes well with my wardrobe.

Last but not least, The Muppets for OPI collection has hit stores.  People are animals for this collection.  It is selling out like crazy but if you go to Ulta soon, you should still have some selection left in the glitters and reds.  A few weeks ago, I was referred by CCT on the two colors on the top row all the way to the left, Warm and Fozzie and Designer De Better.  I had been anxiously awaiting their arrival in-stores only to discover these 2 more neutral colors are the first to sell out.  I can't even find Warm and Fozzie and I am embarrassed to tell you how many Ultas I have been to...I guess there is always online.

Designer De Better / Warm and Fozzie
$8.00 at Ulta (n/a online)
Warm and Fozzie is more brown and copper than in this image.

My point is this...if you want to purchase anything from this collection, I would hit Ulta this weekend because  the selection is so picked over already.  If you miss the Muppets collection, I just found out Nicki Minaj is doing a collabo with OPI this January so you have something to look forward to!

So if you bought this sweater, the scarf and one bottle of polish...your tab would be less than $30.

This makes my shopping heart warm and fozzie.


Let's Get Ready To Rumble!!!

Big match-up this weekend that polarizes the CC community.

What team are you on?

University of Illinois Crewneck Tee
$29.50 at Victoria's Secret  To Buy

University of Wisconsin Scoopneck Tee
$26.50 at Victoria's Secret  To Buy

I don't predict much rumbling because one team is significantly better than the other...I will let you decide which team.  But if you can't talk smack via Victoria's Secret tees, then what can you do?  It's all in good fun!

P.S.  Apparently someone at Victoria's Secret went to the University of Wisconsin because they have more gear options than most the other schools.


CC Research: Editorial Buzz

It has been awhile since I updated you on the items people are buzzing about...so let's get caught up!

Sequined Wallet
$59 at Zara  To Buy

People are buzzing about this wallet because it resembles the Celine pouch but is only $59.  I must admit, I too am feeling affection for this wallet.  My only concern with a "pouch" is that it seems so easy to leave behind.  Maybe the chunky gold sequins will keep that from happening?  This pouch would add instant modernity and style to any outfit...even your daytime ones.

Holiday Sparkle Sweater
$59.50 at American Eagle  To Buy

People looove this sweater.  I have to agree that nothing beats a holiday sweater with a little sparkle.  It is a piece that will get a lot of use during the season but is not so festive that you wouldn't be able to wear later in the winter.  Two years ago I bought a navy sweater with embellished detail and to this day it's still one of favorite (and most worn) sweaters.  My only concern is AE is a junior fit so this sweater may be too short through the torso.  A perfect gift option for the petite ladies on your list too.

Wool-Blend Car Coat
$79 at Old Navy  To Buy

What could be better than an animal print overcoat?  A coat is the easiest way to make any outfit look stylish.  It hides everything underneath!  Even if you try  just a little, by adding this coat, you instantly  look like a chic fashionista.  Think about it with black leggings, boots and sweater?  Perfection.  Over your sequined cocktail dress?  Wonderful.  For only $79 too.  I am thinking this coat would give me the style I crave while bounding throw the snow and slush.

Here are the top 3 things people are buzzing about.

Anything else out there I need to know about?


Affordable Festive Footwear @ 6pm.com

Now is the time pick-up one or two festive items for yourself before you are in full-blown gift-giving mode.

For me, this always involves footwear and jewelry.

Since I have already told you a bit about my jewels, I will focus on footwear.

P-Heidie by Steve Madden
$50.99 at 6pm.com  To Buy

Nothing beats an embellished flat during the holiday season.  They are festive, functional and easy.  Just throw them on with whatever you are wearing, no matter how casual, and you have instant polish.  I love this rose gold pair because they are unique and sparkly.

Jammup by Nine West
$72.99 at 6pm.com  To Buy

Okay, so leopard print may not be the most festive of all the holiday prints.  But if you can't wear leopard during the holidays, when can you?  Duh.  All the time.  I also like these shoes because they are closed-toed heels and totally on trend.  Perfect when you need to go out right after work or with your black dresses.  And you know I can never resist pony hair.

Escher by Nine West
$24.00 at 6pm.com  

I have had my eyes on these shoes for some time now.  Mainly because I love the navy glitter.  It is subtle and an unusual choice.  I also find it kind of sexy.  I don't love the heel but am willing to get over it for $24.  These heels with black leggings and either a black tunic or long sweater would be subtle sophistication at its finest.  
Holiday Stress

I say buy now so you don't have to worry about what to wear later when the holiday season is in full swing.  If you get a great pair of shoes, you can easily update the items already in your wardrobe.  No thinking of a new outfit.  Doesn't everyone want to avoid that stress?

For $75 or less, you will not dip too far into your gift budget and have a festive pair of shoes that take you well beyond the season.


Which Blouse Do You Like Better?

I am looking for a graphic top to pair with my recently acquired hot pink pants.

Which do you like better?

Tuxedo Inspired Blouse
$17.80 at Forever21  To Buy


$9.95 at H&M  To Buy

For some strange reason I am digging the Peter Pan collar on the first blouse.  But you have to check out the back on the second.  The satin button detail is the perfect unexpected touch.  Either way both blouses' value far exceeds their $20 price tag.

If these blouses are not your speed, there is always this dress:

Peter Pan Collar Dress
$29.80 at Forever21  To Buy

The knife pleats and lace hem are pretty amazing.  But I am not allowing myself to be distracted from my blouse situation by the beauty of this dress.  I can't wear this dress with hot pink pants!

I think...

The perfect jewels for any of the above?  My art deco dusters, of course!