Celebrity Inspiration: Beautiful Bee


Beyonce is wearing one of my favorite color combinations: white and turquoise.  I love her feminine Marchesa gown mixed with chunky and edgy jewelry.  Obviously this look is beyond my budget given the necklace costs hundreds of thousands of dollars alone.  I am looking to get a whole look for around $100...single.  So using Beyonce's white ruffles, turquoise stones and silver studs as inspiration, here are some pieces under $100 to recreate the look for everyday life.

Celebrity Inspiration: Beautiful Bee


Tan + Orange: That's A Whopper

Besides a passion for clothes, accessories, shoes...etc., I also have an undying love for all things food-related.

Welcome to my newest obsession, Reese's Peanut Butter Whoppers.

I can only find these at Walgreen's.

Don't ask me to put into words why they are so amazing, they just are.  But if I had to, I would say they combine everything that is good about about a malt ball with peanut butter.  And I think we can agree that when you add peanut butter to anything, it is usually awesome.

Literally, you will not be able to stop eating them.  

As I chow down, I can't help but ponder how well the colors tan and orange work together.  If dressing like your favorite candy is your thing, then I would recommend heading to Gap because they are stocked with merchandise in various shades of orange and tan this Spring.

Of course I couldn't help adding my favorite sailboat top which is technically Old Navy but still part of the Gap family.

Peanut Butter Whoppers


Cute or Disaster?

I kind of love these blouses from Old Navy.

Buttoned 3/4-Sleeve Top
$22 at Old Navy  To Buy

Lightweight Camp Shirt
$24.94 at Old Navy  To Buy

Sailboat-Print 3/4 Sleeve Top
$25 at Old Navy  To Buy

Like all things Old Navy, you can never really completely understand an item until you see it in-person.  Of the three, I have only seen the sailboat print top and it is dang cute.  I didn't buy it at the time and am now feeling the burn since it is way more expensive online than when I saw it on the sale rack.  The other two could be super cute or disasters, let's be honest.  But it might be worth a try come percentage-off coupon.  I think they each have potential not only with denim but with the skirts I plan to wear to work all summer long.  


Battle of the $15 Hot Pink Pants

I want to invest in hot pink pants but I definitely do not want to spend a ton of money.

Twill Skinny Pants
$15.80 at Forever21  To Buy
(available in 7 other colors)

I tried this pair from Forever21 and loved the fabric and fit.  I even felt they ran a little big.  Obviously this is two feel-goods for the price of one: low price and self-esteem boost.  Plus, they were comfortable and ran long which is always a win.  I secretly also want to splurge on the peach pair too.

Bisou Bisou 5-Pocket Skinny Jeans
$15 at JCPenney  To Buy

I have always been happy with my JCPenney purchases.  In fact, JCP is the birthplace of my OG colored skinny jeans: the red skinny (RIP) and green skinny. Both pairs worked out well and at no point in time was I missing my more expensive jeans.  I have not tried these jeans myself but they are on sale for $15 during the month of April so it is worth a check-out to compare against the Forever21 twills.

Let the battle of the $15 hot pink pants begin.  Winner takes all.


J.Crew-Inspired Stripes and Lace

I have not been doing much shopping lately as I am trying to assess what my wardrobe "needs" are for Spring.

One thing I "need" is a blue and white striped blouse.

image via J.Crew catalog

True, this blouse from J.Crew is a worthwhile investment but I can't justify one blouse for $100+.  So, of course, the search is on for a less expensive alternative. At this point, the front-running blouse is this more relaxed version from you guessed it, Forever21.

Striped Woven Button Up
$13.80 at Forever21  To Buy

I realize this blouse is not as structured as the J.Crew version, however, that is why I prefer the Forever21 blouse.  I like the pintuck detail, 3/4 sleeve and adjustable tie-back.  I have a similar version of this blouse in white which I have worn a ton because I can dress it up or down...even use as a swimsuit cover-up.  

In general, I have always had good luck with my Forever21 blouses even with their extremely low cost.  There seems to be no major sacrifice in quality despite their more sheer fabrics.  Wear a cami.  Who cares for $14?

Plus, it looks awesome with colored jeans and sandals.

I have been holding onto this J.Crew image not only because I am wish-listing the blouse but also because I love the outfit as a whole.  The lace skirt is becoming somewhat of a wardrobe staple particularly around Spring when it gets updated in fun colors.  I already own a red pencil skirt so I do not feel compelled to buy a second in lace.  (For those of you looking, try this one or this one.)  But in true CC fashion, I have identified a lace skirt in hot pink that also feels like a  "need" in my Spring wardrobe.

Eyelet Mini Skirt
$59.50 at Loft Stores Only

Besides just thinking this is a cute and versatile skirt, it also reminds me of this pink eyelet J.Crew has been doing so much of this Spring.  My only concern with this skirt is that I don't think it will go with the blue and white striped blouse I like from Forever21.  So essentially I would be buying the J.Crew-inspired pieces but not be able to wear them together as pictured above.

I could be wrong and will give them a try together, but I may have to go to Plan B with the blouse despite the awesome price tag.


Spring Color: Mint

Mint is not only one of Spring's most fashionable colors, it also happens to be my new favorite hue.

The only downside is mint apparel and accessories are a bit of a challenge to locate at your local shopping mall.

Right now the two places with minty goodness in abundance are H&M and Topshop.

Spring Color: Mint

Of this set, I currently own the mint lace shell (exceptional value for $15) and I am for sure craving the mint cap-toe flats.  They are only $56 and bare a striking resemblance to this Stuart Weitzman pair.  The crystal studs are also intriguing for $18.  An easy touch of glamour and polish.  For a truly unique splurge, the Cambridge Satchel is amazing and limited-edition.

Truth be told, I think all of these pieces are pretty awesome.  Each piece combines high-design details and an effortless versatility that packs a stylish punch.  All worthy candidates waiting to update your Spring wardrobe.


Knot Designer...But Sure Looks Like It

Long-Sleeve T w/ Designer-Inspired Accessories

Right now I practically live in a white long-sleeve t-shirt.  Mainly because a white tee is the perfect neutral to pile-on bright accessories evoking Spring.  The best news is there are many affordable designer-inspired accessories available to take your white tee to the next level without spending a million dollars.

Lightweight Boat-Neck Tee
$10 at Old Navy  To Buy

I really like Old Navy t-shirts.  The quality is decent.  They wash well.  And they are easy on the ole' pocketbook. I end up having to replace my white tees every other season from daily wear and tear (i.e. food stains) so why shell out a ton of dough for something that I will most likely stain and definitely do not want to hand wash.

Old Navy Printed Cross-Over Wedges
$27.50 at Old Navy

I was obsessed with these Theodora & Callum wedges all last Spring.  Too bad they were $400.  So when I saw these wedges from Old Navy, I couldn't pass them up.  I am not much of a wedge-wearer so we shall see.  I bought mine in the store for less than $20 last weekend so I would check soon if you 're interested.

Fuchsia & Neon Pink Bauble Necklace
$38 at Pree Brulee  To Buy

Pree Brulee is my new favorite online destination for on-trend jewelry that is also incredibly affordable.  This necklace reminds me of a Kate Spade / J.Crew / Kendra Scott hybrid.  As amazing as that sounds, all of those necklaces cost upwards of $120.  No can do.  One of my greatest appreciations is a statement necklace that does not cost a fortune like this neon necklace.

Tinley Road Jeweled Bangle Set
$32 at Piperlime.com  To Buy

With the increase in popularity of Ippolita bangles, I am seeing lots of bangle sets mixing stones and metals.  As much as I would love to own a wrist full of Ippolita bangles, they can set you back $1800 for one bracelet...and you should always buy bangles in threes so you do the math.  Not cheap.  So for $32 I get the look and have a versatile bangle set that will add an effortless accent to my wardrobe.

Lightweight Rope-Print Scarf
$14 at Old Navy  To Buy

I have been drooling over this Old Navy scarf for a few months now for two reasons.  First, the knotted print resembles the Gucci 'GG' pattern for about $200 less.  Second,  I think this is a fun take on the usual nautical-themed merchandise because you often do not see knots featured despite their critical function in sailing.  I think I will purchase when it gets marked-down one more time.

Jeweled Cluster Earrings
$6.80 at Forever21  To Buy

Last but not least, these earrings and belts do not necessarily remind me of any particular designer, but they are beyond stylish and look expensive.  I bought both pairs of earrings and plan on wearing them a ton.  They look great in-person and are not too heavy.  Notice the gold pair even has some rope detailing.  Also, these neon belts are so cool with their rope detail and are definitely on my must-own list.  

Neon Sailor Belt
$12.50 at PacSun  To Buy

One thing I have noticed?  It seems as if I have a thing for knots...not to mention neon...and of course rhinestones...lately.  Good thing all of those go exceptionally well with a basic white tee.  Only thing missing?  A great jacket.


Master of (Spring) Fashion

I realize it's Thursday and therefore this may not be considered a current or relevant event, but last weekend watching the Masters got me thinking about green jackets and Spring trends.

A green jacket is the perfect neutral canvas to highlight some of Spring's most poppin' pieces.

Spring Weekend Style

  1. A trench coat is a staple on any Spring must-have list...so much so it is sold out online.   The green is a modern update on the classic camel.
  2. Green and polka dots go together like peas and carrots.  A polka dot tee is on the top of my personal wish list.  Polka dots add a touch whimsy and youth to any outfit.  Best of all, there are many affordable options available for an easy fashion update.
  3. Dramatic cat eye sunglasses are the "it" eyewear...this pair is only $12!
  4. Resin chain link necklaces are all the rage.  Here is a more affordable option than the J.Crew original.  Plus the hot pink pop adds another interesting detail to this otherwise simple look.  The chain (although sweet in pink) keeps the outfit from going too cutesy.
  5. I love this polka dot bangle.  For an even more affordable option, check out this one for $4.
  6. Woven bags always make a big impact in the Spring...probably because they resemble a flower basket.  This bag is called the "Weave It To Me."  A bag based in word play is always a winner in my book!
  7. These floral flats have been on my wish list for some time.  Floral accents are surprisingly neutral and work with many trends such as pattern mixing seen above.  Mixing floral and polka dots is an easy way to try this trend.*   Also, I like how the pink in the shoes works back to the pink necklace.
  8. Last some classic accessories to add polish and finish off the look including my favorite new nail polish, Revlon "Minted."  Ring here and earrings here.
*CC Tip:  If pattern mixing intimidates you, pair patterned footwear with a patterned top and basic bottom for a less extreme combination.  The distance between the two prints is less intense and easier to pull off.


Workweek Chic On A Budget

As I have said in the past, out of the many email ads I receive daily, the one I am most likely to open are those from Piperlime.  Although Piperlime has many affordable options, sometimes their features can run more expensive and therefore serve only as inspiration.  Such was the case when I received this email for "Workweek Chic" outfits.

I am drawn to both looks because I already own many of the components of each outfit.  However, it is the look on the left I find most inspiring because I currently own a yellow skirt and it seems I only wear it with a black sweater or white blouse.

I know a few of you out there own the Zara Jersey Blazer, and if I did, I would be on the hunt for an animal print underpinning to go underneath it...so versatile.  I also think a yellow skirt would be a fun yet neutral update if you are looking for something besides a black or grey skirt.  Last, a nature-inspired statement necklace adds a bold but simple touch for pulled-together polish.

There is only one problem with this Piperlime outfit....967 to be exact.  The cost of the outfit above comes in just under $1000.  Not realistic.  So I did some investigating to find pieces to make a similar outfit at a much lower cost.

Workweek Chic Outfit #1

The total for my outfit is $238.  That being said, most of us already own a black blazer so we can make do with what we already own.  And the most expensive piece of the outfit is the shoes which I am sure we can find a suitable option already in our closet.  The key investment pieces are the animal print underpinning and yellow skirt.  I have heard great things about this skirt from Loft and Forever21 has many affordable options when it comes to the animal print tank.  Last, the $16 necklace has been on my radar for months and it seems this outfit is the perfect excuse reason to make the investment.

If you do not subscribe to Piperlime, I recommend you sign-up.  Not just because it's a smart shopping destination but because the looks and items they feature are stylish and easily interpreted in a more affordable way.


Ode To Whiskey Boots

Whew.  I am back.  I bet you all have been wondering what has had me so distracted that I could not share my insightful fashion musings to the people who feel obligated to read this because they are my friends and/or family.

In all honesty, I have been mourning the loss of my whiskey boots who sadly have gone off to greener pastures.  The shoe closet in the sky if you will.

Hidden Wedge Boot
$31.30 at GoJane.com  

I am embarrassed to say I wore these almost everyday until last week when I took a little tumble and realized something was not right.  The heel had finally fallen off which led to a closer inspection of said boot making me realize these bad boys had seen better days.  Besides a broken heel, there were tears in the pleather and possible staining.  After work, my whiskey boots went into the garbage.

I now have a void in my boot repertoire that thankfully is aligned with the seasons, meaning boots are less a part of my everyday wardrobe and no longer a necessity.  Through this experience I learned this style boot is one that works for me and one I should look to replace before next Fall.

R.I.P. $30 whiskey boots...you were a good boot and one that will be missed.