Platforms For Beginners

Last year I bought these shoes during a super sale at Nine West.

Now they are on sale at 6pm.com for less than $30.

Nine West Easycool
$26.99 at 6pm.com To Buy

In the picture, these shoes do not look as cute as they really are in-person.  They have a bit of a vintage flare but still feel modern and look nice with wide-leg trousers, skinny pants and dresses.  The Easycool is available in three other colors that I think are sort of "cool" too.

And do I see a little colorblocking???  Me thinks I do.

I call these shoes "platforms for beginners" because they are super comfortable and easy to walk in.  Sort of like training wheels before you are ready to move onto the big dogs.

CC Tip:  These platforms are nice for ladies who feel they have big feet.  Through some sort of optical illusion, your feet appear smaller.

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