Hot Pink! Cables & Pom Poms

So now that Fall is officially here, it is time to trot out all of the cliches that come along with the new season.

For example, those that say my favorite thing about Fall is wearing boots and chunky knits!

Really?  Because if I had to say my favorite thing about Fall it would be new television, Halloween candy and closed toe shoes (less pedicure maintenance).

My new favorite tv show as of last Spring.
Read why you will love this show.

In the spirit of not being a crab, I will show you a chunky knit I am excited about:

Cable Knit Sweater
$19.80 at Forever21 To Buy

Last year I bought this sweater from Victoria's Secret and I definitely got my money's worth.  I wore it with everything from a printed silk pencil skirt to just jeans.  I am hoping to recreate the magic with this hot pink! number.  I mean what could be more fab?

So truth be told, I am a summer lady.  I like the sun, heat and cheesy pop music. The good news is Super Bass and Till The World Ends continue to tear up the Fall airwaves.  But this cold weather knit in a hot! color helps me bridge the Summer/Fall gap.

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