In Case You Don't Have A Brother

In case you don't have a brother, you can borrow mine. 

Not literally.

Over the years, maybe my brother and I have not seen eye-to-eye on everything but there is one thing I will have to give him, he has good taste.  So I asked him to make a couple recommendations on what to buy the younger, professional male that is both affordable and stylish but also very manly.  Here are his suggestions:

1.  Fred Perry Track Jacket

Fred Perry Track Jacket
$78 at zappos.com To Buy

My brother loves all things British as is the Fred Perry label.  But have no fear, you can get their famous polos and track jackets stateside at an affordable price.  Fred Perry is a British tennis player but the collection is now very British street chic.  I mean if Amy Winehouse collaborates on a collection, how preppy can you really be?  Ironically the track jacket I bought my brother last year for Christmas, he didn't think he would like but now is a staple in his wardrobe.  I bet the man on your list will love it too.

Please click here to see one of my faves, Ewan MacGregor, sporting his own track jacket.  It is the last frame in the Emotional Attachment section.  I love his sunglasses and I love him.  Such a cute gent.

CC Tip:  Google Fred Perry track jacket to see a price range.  You will find everything from $39 at Zappos's sister site 6pm to $95 and up at more upscale retailers..  I would also say Fred Perry runs on the small side.

2.  adidas Gazelles

adidas Gazelle
$55 at adidas.com To Buy

So if you look at the roster of clients Adidas sponsors (David Beckham, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose amongst others) and consider Run-DMC has been wearing adidas shoes for 35 years, you can see the universal appeal of adidas footwear.  My brother likes this pair because "they look good with anything."  We think this is a hipper option to the usual Chuck Taylor.  Lots of color options to choose from to suit the man in your life's personality.  I would choose these:

adidas Originals Gazelle Skate
$45.50 at 6pm.com To Buy

From what I read online the Gazelles are very comfortable.  Put your Gazelles with your Fred Perry track jacket and you are one European-street-cool dude.  I know that sounded lame but I like the look.

3.  "Band of Brothers" and "The Pacific" dvds

Band of Brothers and The Pacific
Both available at amazon.com To Buy

I think Band of Brothers and The Pacific are to men like what Sex and the City was to women.  Except grosser and bloodier.  I think every man I know thinks Band of Brothers was one of the best television shows of all time, including my brother, and while he did not enjoy The Pacific as much, he found it a "fantastic watch nonetheless."  The perfect gift for the guy doesn't get HBO.

4.  A box of a dozen Titleist NXT Tour balls   

Titleist NXT Tour Balls
$30 at Golfsmith and golfsmith.com To Buy

I don't speak golf so I am going to directly quote from my golf-obsessed brother here:

"They're a great quality ball for $30 rather than spending $45 for a dozen Titleist Pro V1's. What? He'd rather have Pro V1's? Titleist sells a dozen Pro V1 Practice balls for $30. They are exactly the same as the regular Pro V1 except they will have some sort of cosmetic flaw, often times unnoticeable to untrained eye (if at all), which designated them to leave the factory as a Practice ball. They play and feel exactly the same. The only difference is they have PRACTICE stamped on the side but you will not notice any difference at all in actual play. For Titleist's official explanation, see the link provided:

http://www.titleist.com/customerservice/afmviewfaq.asp?faqid=62475 "
End quote...I have nothing to add.  Except why are golf balls so expensive?
5.  When in doubt, gift card it out.  Knowing the interests of my brother, he would first choose a round of golf at a good course.  But if your recipient isn't a golfer or you are not sure of a course, my brother recommends as his next best option: a Best Buy gift card.  A good choice for electronics, music, dvds, books..etc...you know what they are about.
So now that you have borrowed my brother, please give him back.  My  Mom would miss him and maybe I would too...plus who would give us suggestions next year?

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