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First let me start by telling you the things I am sick of hearing about.  Overkill city.

#1.  Fishtail Braids

Dianna Agron

Ashley Tisdale
(The reason I include this pic is I wrote about her necklace last Spring.  Still heart.)

I get that this is THE hairstyle of the summer but enough already. 

#2.  An "arm party" aka an arm full of mismatched bracelets.

Sarah Jessica Parker

I will say the originator of the term "arm party" is hilarious.  It's just the person upon person talking about their own arm party that stresses me out.  How much party can one arm handle?

#3.  This $50 dress from Express

It's not the dress' fault that everyone cannot stop talking about it.  In fact, I get why it has been so popular. But my aversion to nautical stripes is still in town.  And I think the dress is kind of boring.  There are some way better options at Express, in my opinion.  CC Confession: They all involve leopard print.

So now that I have gone all negativ-o on you (the dark side of fashion), I feel compelled to share two things everyone is buzzing about that I do love.

#1.  This Old Navy Canvas Vest

Canvas Surplus Vest
$34.94 at Old Navy To Buy

The canvas surplus vest is Summer's answer to Spring's sage safari jacket.  Fashionistas are layering this vest over feminine dresses and cotton tanks.  I like the look but am not sure I see myself in it.  Right now I see white long-sleeve tee underneath with a pair of jeans and boots come Fall.  Thoughts?

#2.  These Miu Miu Glitter Booties are amazing.

And $900.  I already told my husband that if I hit it big in Vegas this weekend, I am buying these.  Then he reminded me I usually max my bets out at fifty cents.  So now my new plan is if I don't gamble in Vegas, save my spare change for 5 years and wait for them to go on sale, totally mine.

 So CCs...that's what's up.

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