The CC Shoe Rules: Weekend Edit Part 1

Yesterday morning I was having a major edit moment.  Meaning I was allowing the reckless abandon of "getting rid" to to flow right through me; not considering the consequences of parting with shoes I previously loved and/or wore to death.  

Some previous faves were casualties.

Two donation bags later, I forced myself to move on assuring myself there would be more shoes to love in my future and it was time for my red Uggs and high school sneakers to go to shoe heaven.  Sentimental feelings aside, they were disgusting and no longer prevented my feet from the elements.  At that point are they still considered footwear?

R.I.P. Red Short Uggs

That being said, I concluded the following regarding my future shoe purchases.

1.  When it comes to shoes, quality is better than quantity.

I try not to wear shoes that look cheap or the material appears too faux i.e. fake snakeskin pumps or grey pleather boots.  So why did I have multiple pairs that fit this description in my closet?  First, I liked the "idea" but was having difficulty finding the shoe that matched exactly what I wanted.  Or my budget didn't allow for the more expensive version.  Case in point, I wanted nude heels and ended up buying a pair because it was a good price and resembled what I wanted.  Deep down I knew I was settling mainly because the shoes were cheap.  And they looked it.

2.  Just because a shoe works in one material does not mean it works in all materials. 

I had the shoe in one material and assumed the same shoe in an alternate fabric would be equally cute.  Sadly not always the case.  Let's take my grey riding boots.  Black = cute, grey = not so much. 

Mainly this applies to online shopping.  So if I buy multiple pairs, especially at a discounted price, any deviation from black or brown materials, I should proceed with caution.  If I do decide to take the risk, go with my gut and make sure to keep the return receipt just in case.

CC Shoe Rule: Part 1

I have to say, my husband did catch me during my Weekend Edit.  He said, "I know what you are doing.  You are just making room for NEW shoes." 

Totally busted...but now I will make better purchases by considering my newly established CC Shoe Rules.

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