Oldies But Goodies

One of the things I love about Forever21 is that if they have a popular style, they generally repeat it at some point in time.

So friends, as luck would have it, you can get in on two pieces I bought last year and l-o-v-e.

Tiered Tie Waist Shirt
$17.80 at Forever21 To Buy

This shirt definitely doesn't look like much but I have worn it a ton.  The way the model is wearing it is similar to how I do but I also have worn it many times underneath blazers and jackets.  The ruffles feel like a romantic contrast to a more structured jacket.  I feel very feminine and French when I pair this blouse underneath a black and white knit tweed jacket.  I also think it may work with my new colored denim.  This blouse is very roomy so it is always comfortable and camouflages problem areas.

Raw Edge Ruffle Sleeve Dress
$12.50 at Forever21  To Buy

Let me start by saying I do not wear this as a dress.  I wear it as a tunic over skinny bottoms.  I bought this tunic because it reminded of a DVF dress (long version here...see Martina McBride).  As much as I love my girl Diane, I for sure feel like I have worn this tunic more often then I would have worn the dress.  And the fact that the tunic is about $350 less does not hurt either.  I always gets loads of compliments when I wear this top.  It looks really cool with longer black skinny pants and black pumps.  My only word of caution is that it is tighter so you may want to size up.  Also available in-store in red.

These two oldies but goodies I bought well over a year ago and am finally getting the chance to share.  The best part is, I can say with conviction, you will love these tops as I have over the last year.

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