Sleeveless Military Shirt

Earlier in the season, I wrote about this top and its resemblance to a more expensive version.

Sleeveless Military Shirt
$39.90 at Express To Buy

Last week I needed a shirt to go under a tweed blazer and I thought to give this one a try.  Huge win.  What this blouse lacks in hanger appeal, it makes up for big time when on the body.

First, it fits well.  When I bought this top it was Buy One, Get One 50% off.  So I ended up getting one in a size larger and one in my actual size.  The one in my actual size is so flattering.  It contours the body but is not clingy.  The v-neck also creates a flattering line across the shoulder and bust.

I bought the larger size in white because I wanted to create a more voluminous, less structured effect when I tucked the blouse into my skinny pants and high-waisted skirts.  I also think this top will be perfect with my bright jeans.  I actually wore the larger blouse underneath the tweed blazer and everything laid well and didn't bunch.

Again, when you see this shirt in the store, it does not look like much.  And is this most exciting piece of fashion that ever existed?  No.  But I have to say, I did get pretty pumped about this blouse because of its simplicity and great fit. 

Sometimes you just need a few good basics.

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