Beauty Buy #9: Essie boat house

This week I have a manicure in a fun, perfect for summer color.

Essie boat house
$4.95 at Amazon To Buy

Interestingly enough, when the color first went on, I wasn't in love.  Now that it has been on a few days, I do like it.  In the bottle the color appears to be coral, and in some light it is, but the color is actually neon tomato with more red to it than orange.  It reminds me of the neon red marker that used to be in the Neon Jumbo Crayola markers pack from back in the day.

Ordinarily I am not moved to buy a bottle of any color I try at the salon but I am in this case.  It is bright and charming without being too much.  And I have to say, I don't think I have ever had more compliments on a manicure.  Even my resident beauty expert was digging boat house.

CC Tip:  I don't think you can find this shade in stores anymore but Amazon and other online retailers seem to have a full inventory for only $5 per bottle.

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