Affordable Black Kitten Heels @ 6pm.com

As unexciting as black kitten heels can be, let's face facts, they end up being one of the most worn shoes in your closet.  Especially if you work in a professional environment or have to dress up on a more regular basis.  The advantage of a kitten heel is you still get the lift of a heel but with more comfort.

Here are 6 pairs from 6pm.com that are all $60 or less:

Affordable Black Kitten Heels @ 6pm.com

  1. ALDO Rushiti $31.46  The most basic of the bunch.  If you are looking for something simple and you truly want a go-with-anything black kitten heel, then start here.  My only suggestion with ALDO shoes is they run small so you may want to size a half size up.
  2. Jessica Simpson Kendale $31.60  You know I already have these in red and I could not be happier!  Like I said, those in the know will tell you they have definite Valentino similarities with the 3-D bow.  I wear these shoes all day and have no issues.  I would say they run a little big and wide.  
  3. Bandolino Berry $23.50  Okay so maybe sequin heels are not the basic this post implies.  But they are $23.50 and you will definitely get your money worth.  I have a similar pair of black sequined pumps and I wear them quite a bit...especially during the holidays.  Duh.  I also have the Bandolino Berry in another fabric and they are my go to shoes when I need something comfy.
  4. Enzo Angiolini Kraz3 $20.70  I have had my eyes on these shoes since I think about January?  I love anything black and quilted...Chanel anyone?  I think the quiliting detail feels more elevated and upscale.  The perfect touch to an otherwise basic outfit or with black tights.
  5. ALDO Purtlebaugh $27.72  My favorite kind of pieces are ones that have little surprises.  Business in the front, lingerie-inspired lacing detail in the back.  A shoes like this tells onlookers you know when to be serious but have a fun and sassy side as well.
  6. Nine West Austin $55.08  Is there anything more sophisticated then black croc?  If you are looking for a black kitten heel that is a bit more interesting than plain black but not too over the top, try these.  Black croc is the ultimate classic fabric in a classic shoe shape.  Very RL.
You may notice most of these kittens have a patent finish.  My personal opinion is patent translates better at a lower price than plain black leather.  I also feel patent is more polished.

So even though your black kitten heels may not be the most exciting shoe in your closet, for less than $60, you can still get a stylish pair leaving money leftover to put towards a more exciting pair.

Pink suede heels... anyone?

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Monica said...

Thank you CC! I just threw out my favorite black kitten heels (Enzo's) because they were so worn, and haven't been able to find a replacement at a decent price. I totally agree - spend less on these necessities and splurge on a fun pair!