Couture vs. Cheapskate: Green Skinny Jeans

Can you guess which pair of green skinny jeans costs $176 vs. $20?

Pair A


Pair B

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If you have been paying any sort of attention to fashion over the last few seasons then you have probably seen an abundance of skinny jeans in bright, vibrant colors.

The thought of skinny jeans alone can be scary...skinny jeans in the color green, even more so.  And skinny jeans, in the color green that cost almost $200?  I shudder at the thought.

So judging by the images above, Pair A appears to have better tailoring and cleaner lines than Pair B.  Plus, the shoes in Pair A are more fancy and that is usually a sign of a more expensive item.  So those two things considered, Pair A is the $176 pair.  Shudder away.

J Brand Mid-Rise Skinny Leg Jean
$176 at Singer22 To Buy

Never one to miss out on a fashion trend, I decided after long last to give bright skinny jeans a try.  However, this CC was not paying $176.  So when I saw this pair from JCPenney, I thought it was worth a trip over to check out in-person.

City Streets Super Skinny Green Jean
$19.99 at JCPenney  To Buy

Heading into the store, my expectations were pretty low especially because they are juniors jeans.  Well lo and behold, the bright green skinny jeans for $20 weren't bad.  A nice surprise to say the least.  There is enough stretch in them to give them a flattering shape and the rise is not too low.

So these jeans came home with me along with the same pair in bright pink.

City Streets Super Skinny Pink Jean
$17.99 at JCPenney To Buy
(these are way more pink in person)

So don't even ask me how I am styling them.  I have no idea.  I just know I was intrigued by the concept and could live with two pairs for less than $40 total.  And if green (or pink) isn't your thing, they also have the same jeans in cobalt blue, yellow and red.

If you feel the same as me, I would give this JCP pair a whirl.  Despite their low price tag, I am satisfied with the quality and fit.  I will however be cautious when it comes to washing.

So stay tuned for what fun ways these green skinnies incorporate themselves into the CC wardrobe. 

A future CC MVP perhaps?

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