Couture vs. Cheapskate: Vera Wang Flat

Can you tell which pair of flats costs $275 vs. $45?

Pair A


Pair B

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Fellow Couture Cheapskates, by now I think we have mastered the art of embellishment.  When determining Couture vs. Cheapskate, it should be the first thing you check.  In this case, the embellishment on Pair A is far more intricate and luxe. 

Second, check the material from which the item is made.  In this case, Pair A appears to be made of leather whereas Pair B appears to be made from canvas. 

Therefore, it can be concluded that Pair A is the $275 pair from Vera Wang Lavender Label and Pair B is the $45 pair from Simply Vera Vera Wang.

Vera Wang Lavender Label Luna Jeweled Ballet Flat
$275 $137.50 To Buy

CC Confession is that I was able to score the original at a major discount and I love them. The rhinestone embellishment are mini jewels for your feet. My feet never felt so regal.  If you were looking to make one major footwear purchase, I would recommend this pair.  You will love having a fancy flat for when you want to look polished but not wear heels.

Simply Vera Vera Wang Peep-Toe Flats
$44.99 at Kohl's To Buy

This is the best part of a luxury designer having a discount line; sometimes you get a less expensive version of the original.  So when I saw this canvas pair, I must admit, in true CC fashion, I wanted to buy these as well.  I love the army green color because of its versatility and practicality.  I love the flat because it is comfortable but the best feature is the embellishment which allows you a dressy touch but no sacrifice on comfort.

So if you are looking to me for guidance on which pair to buy, I say let your budget be your guide.  Either way you will not be disappointed.  Oh Vera, how I love you.

If you are interested in getting the original on sale, send me an email.

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