My Weekend Unform: Zebra Tee

Although this was my weekend uniform, I find it to be a comfy and casual outfit that would work any day of the week.

Last week I saw this shirt at Forever21 and had to have it.  For some reason I thought it was so cute and the perfect mix of colors I love: black, grey, hot pink and tan.  For $10, I knew I would wear it tons.

Zebra Prism Tee
$9.80 at Forever21 To Buy

My new favorite shorts for summer are dark grey shorts.  They are more casual than black and work back to almost all my casual summer tops.  When in a lightweight fabric, such as the shorts featured, you get shorts that are comfortable and breathe in the heat without sacrificing style.

Women's Studded Twill Shorts
$13.97 at Old Navy To Buy

Now onto my new discovery...these sandals!

Braided Leatherette Slingback Sandals
$7.50 at Forever21 To Buy

I am going to tell you something I am not proud of.  I have no idea when I bought these and am not even sure how long it has taken me to wear them for the first time.  Yikes!  The important thing is, now that I have, I love them.  The pair I own is actually in rose gold and fit me perfectly.  There is something so simple and sort of sexy about them.  Now that I have worn them, I have barely taken them off in four days wearing them with everything from a dress to shorts and a zebra tee.  Now the question is for $7.50, do I need more colors?

So while this weekend's outfit was nothing spectacular, it contained two pieces that I love.  For me, that is my favorite type of outfit.  Even better that those two pieces only cost me $20. 

Weekend Uniform: Zebra Tee

P.S.  Sorry the tee is so blurry

Items included in set:  Forever21 zebra t shirt $9.80, Old Navy studded shorts $15, Forever21 slingback shoes $7.50, Juicy Couture pave earrings $48, Rhinestone jewelry $16, Ray-Ban black shades, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color, Strobe Light Online..., $2.82

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