Eye Lied

I told a fib my friends.

When I told you my go-to summer eyeshadow was MAC Honey Lust, I had my colors confused.

MAC Eye Shadow in Honey Lust
$15 at MAC Cosmetics To Buy

My go-to summer eyeshadow is in fact not Honey Lust but MAC Jest.

MAC Eye Shadow in Jest
$15 at MAC Cosmetics To Buy

So what I said on Monday regarding Honey Lust, was actually in praise of Jest.

My bad.

But!  Why I had Honey Lust on the brain is because it is also fabulous and worthy of any summer cosmetics bag.  I wear it often in the summer because of its fun shimmer and when my shadow creases, just spread it with your finger and you are back in business.  Besides Champagne Shimmer, the real Honey Lust is a close contender for favorite shadow ever. 

There is only one I may love more...I am just being honest, I do not want to risk further deceit and betrayal.

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