Couture vs. Cheapskate: Red Wide-Leg Trousers

Can you tell which pair of red wide-leg trousers costs $350 vs. $70?

Pair A


Pair B

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I have to say, you really have to get into the nitty gritty here to determine which pair is the couture pair versus the cheapskate pair.

So let me tell 'ya a little somethin' somethin' about pants.

The nicer the pant, the flatter it will lay across the front; meaning no puckering or pulling.  This is because the tailoring is a bit more precise to make the pant lie flat.  Therefore the pants appear to fit better. 

Hence why people are willing to buy a pair of pants with a $350+ price tag. 

That being said, when comparing the pants' pucker, Pair B is the $350 pair.

Jenni Kayne Wide Leg Trousers
$350 at shopbop.com To Buy

So although I love the idea of red wide-leg pants, I am working on a CC budget here.  The good news is the cheapskate alternative, in my opinion, is equally fab.

Signature Stretch Wide Leg Editor Pant
$69.90 at Express To Buy

One of my all-time favorite pants is the Express Wide Leg Editor Pant.  I have worn my black pair to its true death.  So when I saw my favorite pant was now available in my favorite color?  Done and done.

So let me tell you why this pair of pants is amazing.  First, a wide leg slims the hips.  Second, the crease down front of the the leg adds length for a long and lean look.  Third, the pants are machine-washable.  Super save!  Last, I find Express' synthetic fabric comfortable and looks appropriate dressed up or down.

So depending on your budget, invest in a pair of red wide-leg trousers.  I think you will be surprised how versatile they actually are and work as a basic in your wardrobe.  If your budget is less than $75, you will love the Express pair for sure.

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