Couture vs. Cheapskate: Sleeveless Silk Top

Can you guess which sleeveless silk top costs $375 versus $40?

Top A


Top B

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I have to say in all my years of Coutures vs. Cheapskates, this could be the biggest stumper yet.  There are no real distinguishing attributes in determining which top costs more.  Hence why Top B could be the ultimate Couture Cheapskate purchase as it is only $40 and looks equally as luxe as Top A from Costume National.

Fashion lovers everywhere are obsessed with Costume National silk blouses.  I agree with loving the look but who needs to care for real silk and spend upwards of $400?  Especially when you can get the same look at Express for way less.

Sleeveless Military Shirt
$39.90 at Express To Buy

And if I am really being honest here, I actually like Top B better.  I get the Costume National option is high fashion but something about it looks a little Sprockets to me.  The v-neck on the Express blouse is much more feminine and flattering and the epaulets on the shoulder make for a nice detail.  I actually find Top A to be a little boxy and  boring without any extra detail.

I love Top B with a pair of dressy shorts for a simple and chic outfit.  Also perfect layered under a jacket or with one of my coveted print pencil skirts.  I also have casual skinny cargos that this top and a pair of caged sandals will be perfect with.  Top B is an affordable basic that makes any outfit more interesting and chic without much effort or money.

Plus regardless of price tag, I cannot be trusted to care for expensive silk. 

Sorry Top A.  It's just who I am.

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