Hyena Bodysuit

Last week I needed to get a gift for my friend's daughter. 

Because GapKids comes so highly recommended I headed across the street to my local store.

I bought this flutter-sleeved bodysuit for the little one:

Pampered Pet Graphic Bodysuit
$14.95 at BabyGap To Buy

For fun we let the recipient's two-year old sister open the gift.  When she pulled out this bodysuit she said, "Oh look, Mom...it's a hyena!"

And I thought to myself, "Hyena...Chihuahua...I could see where a two-year old could get those two mixed up."  Then I really got into it and thought, "Maybe it is a hyena.  Hyenas do kind of have big ears?  This two year old really knows her animal kingdom."

Whatever you wanna call it...creative freedom...I recommend heading over to GapKids right now because there selection is so stinkin' cute.

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