CC Cosmetics: Summer Beauty

Like all things summer, CC standards get a little lower.

Specifically I mean Toddlers & Tiaras is riveting entertainment, cheese and crackers are an acceptable dinner and if I am lucky, I may not put make-up on for days.

However, to avoid comments in the workplace like, "are you okay?" I am forced to do the whole make-up thing.  This was an actual conversation the day I did not wear make-up because I had a mini-heat rash on my face.  In the summer, I have to keep my make-up to a low-maintenance routine that is fewer products than the rest of the year.  I want to let my skin breathe people!

Here is what I am using this summer to beat the heat (rash):

CC Summer Make-Up

  1. Bobbi Brown Cream Shadow Stick -- Vanilla $20  If there is one product I use daily, regardless of the temperature, it is this stick.  I use it as a primer for my eyelids before applying shadow.  I find my shadow creases less and stays put during the heat and humidity with this as my base.  Could not recommend more...love, love, love.  #1 CC Beauty recommendation.
  2. MAC Eye Shadow in Honey Lust -- $14.50  Although MAC is known for their high pigments, this shadow is actually more subtle and perfect for allover lid use.  It blends with your slightly sun-kissed skin but with a bit of shimmer.
  3. Bobbi Brown Creamy Eye Pencil in Walnut Brown -- $20  During the summer my usual black eyeliner feels too heavy for daywear so I opt for a dark brown instead. It is softer and more natural but still brings some depth.
  4. DiorShow Black Out Mascara -- $24.50  If you talk to anyone in the biz, when it comes to mascara, DiorShow is iconic.  I don't wear this daily because it is pricey, but when it comes to staying power, the Black Out formula does not mess around.  Totally smooth and totally dramatic.  No smearing or falling here.
  5. MAC Lipstick in Petals & Peacocks   Unfortunately this color is no longer for sale except for some on eBay.  I love hot pink lipstick in the summer with an otherwise neutral face.  It is a certain kind of fun which feels perfectly summer.  To lessen the intensity, add a soft pink gloss over.
  6. Stila Make Me Blush Palette -- $27  If you recall, I bought this blush back in January and loved it back then.  I love it even more in the summer.  I used to layer pink blush over tangerine blush for a summer flush but now find it not necessary because I have both colors in one compact.  One swipe is all you need.
  7. Benefit Erase Paste Concealer -- $26  I wish my dark circles faded more with a little color on my face.  Not the case.  But this concealer is all I need during the summer to make my skin look more even.  True throughout the day, it still needs some blending but is by far the best undereye concealer I have tried.
  8. Bobbi Brown Sheer Color Lip Gloss in Coral Cabana -- $23 This coral sheer gloss is a long way from the hot pink lipstick above.  Subtle but still colorful, this gloss is more appropriate for the workplace or casual attire.  In fact, I own multiple glosses from this collection and alternate them throughout the summer depending on my outfit or mood.  The gloss is not sticky and does not melt in the heat.
So you maybe saying, "CC, your 'low-maintenance' routine is still 8 products?"  I get it.  Eight might be more than the the average gal, but this whole routine takes around five minutes and that is my definition of low-maintenance. 

So while this regimen is not Toddlers & Tiaras* worthy, it does give me the color and coverage I need to avoid concern at the workplace.

*This is my most favorite Toddler of all-time thus far.

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