Beauty Buy #6: Candy Colored Eyeshadow Quad

I have a weakness for MAC eyeshadow quads.  Right now I probably have around 8 in my make-up drawer.  And guess which shade I use the most?  Oh, the nude base color shade.

I am never sure how to use the colors together and therefore I don't use them as often as I'd hoped.

So when I saw the "Cutie" quad, I have to admit I was tempted because of the fun, bright colors.  They would be a party on my eyelid.

MAC "Cutie" Eyeshadow Quad
$36 at MAC Cosmetics To Buy

The MAC quad reminded me of a similar product that costs way less money and even comes with a how-to tutorial.

Custom Eyes Shadow Liner in Party Pops by Revlon
$8.99 at Ulta To Buy

Here is all I am saying...I feel a lot less guilty seeing this $9 quad sitting in my make-up box than the $36 version.  Especially since this color combo is one that doesn't necessarily go with everything.  And you get 6 colors versus 4.

Seen on Jessica Biel here
(I do not wear mine so bold)

But you know what?  The Revlon set is fun.  And I have enjoyed playing around with the colors the few times I have worn it.  Plus I love the instructions on the back to teach me how to use the colors and not look like a circus clown.  I also think the knit print on the shadow is cute and may or may not be the reason why I wanted to purchase it in the first place.

So money saved...no guilt...party-poppin' eyes...make-up artistry lesson included?

Totally worth the $9.   

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