Couture vs. Cheapskate: Scarf Print Dress

Can you tell which scarf print dress costs $1,495 vs. $30?

Couture vs. Cheapskate: Scarf Print Dress

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I am not trying to exaggerate but when you line these dresses up side by side, I don't think one sticks out as the cheapie amongst a sea of luxury.

Using our fashion detective skills, I would note the following in our scarf dress investigation.  First, the silhouette of the top left and bottom right dress is more tailored and well-fitted.  Second, when working with images, fancy shoes equal fancy price tag.

Therefore, the top left and bottom right dresses are the couture dresses with a $1,495+ price tag.

As much as I would love to own an iconic Pucci dress, this is not in my current CC budget.  Although I have to say I am perfectly happy with my Pucci-inspired scarf dress from nicole by Nicole Miller.

nicole by Nicole Miller Tassel Dress
$29.99 at JCPenney To Buy
If you have been an avid CC reader, then you know I already have one nicole by Nicole Miller scarf print dress in my closet.  It is rare for me to wear a dress so often in such a short amount of time as I have this dress.  Every time I wear it, I am on the compliment train that runs all day.  So like a smart CC, if something works, I go back for more.  JCPenney currently has about five options of this dress in-store so there is a scarf print dress for all!

nicole by Nicole Miller 3/4 Sleeve Dress
$39.99 at JCPenney To Buy

It is safe to say I am obsessed with these dresses.  Besides being a total stylish bargain, they are comfortable and low maintenance.  What I also appreciate is a very subtle design element.  The print on the dress is designed to camouflage problem areas and create a feminine silhouette that may or may not exist.  For this price tag?  Unreal.

Besides being well-designed for the real woman, this dress is versatile.  Its fabric can be worn all year and looks equally chic with a pair of sandals as it does black tights and pumps.  Or try like the Couture model with knee-high black boots.

Everything else can be (and should be) kept very minimal.  No over the top accessories or intense make-up.  Again, another hidden benefit.  Easy.  Just throw on and go.

So as much as I would love to own a Pucci, this Cheapskate cannot go that couture.  For the $30 price tag of my JCP dresses, I am not only pleased but beyond impressed.  I also feel like since the price and design are so great, if you want to dabble in bold print, these scarf dresses are worth the risk.

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Julie said...

I am now obsessed with these Nicole dresses and while I couldn't find the tassel dress anywhere, I did find the blue one on ebay and another gorgeous one at JCP on the clearance rack for $10!!!

I'm sure I'll keep obsessing about the tassel one...and will continue to stalk ebay until I find it!!

Keep up the great work - so glad I found your blog!