The Update to the Update

I feel like I need to make some updates to a few previously discussed items starting with...

Quiet Blush Dress
$168 at Anthropologie To Buy

My bad on not identifying the origin of this dress because it is quite pretty and looks amazing with the turquoise statement necklace from Anthropologie.  However, friends, I am sad to report this dress disappointingly does not fit the CC bill...it is $168.  But what it does do is intrigue me to see if I can find something more budget-friendly to replicate this look.  Why must Anthropologie be so expensive?  Keep you posted on my finds.


Above: Mossimo Sandal To Buy

Left: DV by Dolce Vita To Buy

Remember these guys from Couture vs. Cheapskate: Beaded Tribal Sandal edition?  Well I take back what I said.  I have seen both options in person and change my vote to the DV by Dolce Vita pair.  They are more dainty and not wide at all.  The pair from Mossimo seem really stiff and the clear beads are more of a pearl.  Obviously if you want a fun pair of sandals you can't beat the $20 price tag but if money is no object then I am choosing the DV pair.

Photo Credit: Tommy Ton trunkarchive.com

So here it is ladies in all its glory....the now famous Celine clutch in cobalt blue discussed in CC Research: Editorial Buzz. So famous that miss GP herself featured it a few days after my post in her blog Goop.  I wonder if GP is an avid CC reader?  Probably.  From what I hear, American Apparel is selling out of their less expensive version in-stores very quickly.

Have a good weekend!  Let me know if you make any good buys!

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