Celebrity Inspiration: Katie Holmes

Sometimes I wonder when these fashion coincidences happen if it is intentional or just a representation of a true classic.  Case in point, Katie Holmes wearing over $2,000 of Stella McCartney at a recent movie premiere.


A white tuxedo jacket over a black jumpsuit albeit nothing super unconventional, but one cannot help but notice a striking similarity to this look from Express.

I originally applauded Katie for wearing Express.  How down to earth of her?  Not the case but us CCs have the last laugh because we can get the same look for around $200.  The footwear you choose will also add to the price tag unless you have something in your closet you can use instead of buying new shoes.

Cropped Jumpsuit
$88 at Express To Buy

1-Button Tux
$98 at Express To Buy

"Harlow" by Type Z
$53.50 at Zappos.com To Buy

I actually really like this outfit.  It is different and modern but classic enough to work for most occasions.  Each piece when worn separately will update many of the items already in your wardrobe.  Right now I am considering buying the jacket to wear over a little black dress for an early spring wedding.

Note to the first time jumpsuit wearer, they are a tough look to pull off if you are long through the torso and can be inconvenient to take on and off every bathroom trip.  So plan accordingly.

CC Tip:  Save extra money by waiting for when Express has a promotional offer to lower the price.

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