Coral Cheeks

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in "Cabo Coral"
$24 at Sephora.com Only  To Buy

Lately I have been really feeling cream blush.  It stays put, looks natural and gives you that perfect flushed look that a powder blush just cannot capture.  I have also been playing with coral blush to stay on-trend.  Shockingly I like it and think it works well with my brown and gold shimmer shadows; layer pink powder blush over for a sun-kissed look.

Plus I went to Cabo this year so I had to have it just for the name.  Clearly I am a discerning shopper.  Also cute if you are looking for something bright, Calypso Coral also from Bobbi.

Cotton Bikini in Candy Apple Coral
$8.50 at Victoria's Secret To Buy

So you thought you could only wear coral on those cheeks?  Not so.  Coral is for all cheeks!  You can get this pattern in most of Victoria's Secret cotton bottoms as well as many other fun sea-themed patterns.  This coral pattern is also available in neon scuba blue. 

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