Couture vs. Cheapskate: Rhinestone Friendship Bracelet

Can you guess which rhinestone friendship bracelet costs $70 versus $20?

Bracelet A


Bracelet B

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To make my decision I would consider two things.  First, the quality of stone to which I think Bracelet B's are better set and have a nicer finish.  Second, the stone closure on Bracelet B adds value and makes the bracelet more upscale.  Therefore, Bracelet B is the $70 rhinestone friendship bracelet.

Fashion is all about opposites attracting. Can you get anymore opposite than DMC floss meets a tennis bracelet?

Kris Nations Lemon Friendship Bracelet
$70 at MaxandChloe.com To Buy

One might be asking "how can a bracelet made of string cost $70?"  Good question. Not to shock your socks off, but the original version of this bracelet costs up to $250!  (They are amazing though.)  Needless to say DIY'ers all over the place are duplicating this bracelet like crazy.

Rhinestone Friendship Bracelet
$19.90 at Express To Buy

These bracelets are part of the Boho Glam trend.  The idea is to layer multiples of them for a part casual / part glitzy statement.  Or work one into an arm full of bangles to add some sparkle to an otherwise neutral wrist.

(Both shots feature the amazing originals)

Colorful jewelry in luxe styles and stones will make a huge statement as we progress into summer.  Rhinestone friendship bracelets will help get you going. 

Actually I remember a lot of summers making friendship bracelets so this makes me feel like a kid again...only fancier.

CC Tip:  Google "rhinestone friendship bracelet" and click on the "Shopping" filter to see all the different varieties and price points.

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