Rachel Zoe Jeans

I have always dreamed of being in a denim situation where my jeans were too long and hid my feet a la Rachel Zoe.

I guess the good news is now you can get the Rachel Petite Bellbottom by 7 For All Mankind on Piperlime.  The bad news?  It can be yours for $169.  The additional not-so-hot news is my general avoidance of any bottom that includes the word "petite."  Holy floods.

The Rachel Petite Bellbottom by 7 For All Mankind
$169 at Piperlime.com To Buy

So what options do us ladies have who dream of this look but are taller than 5'2"?

Wide Leg Trouser Jean
$69.50 at Gap To Buy

I tried these jeans on last week and I found the flare to be more exaggerated then it appears in the image above.  Wearing flats the flares covered my shoes completely giving the denim that trendy trouser silhouette.  Another thing I enjoyed about this denim is the higher rise than normal .  No pushing up of the belly bulge for an exaggerated muffin top.  Plus the denim is super soft and very comfortable.

So why did I not purchase the trouser jean?  I am trying to decide if I need to order them in a tall length so I can wear with heels.  I have not quite captured my vision for how I will be wearing these jeans so I want to hold off until I have a better picture.  Will they be worn strictly with flats or heels too? 

(I love this casual outfit for running around town)

Until I make up my mind I am going to hold-off on trying to be the CC version of RZ but recommend the Gap pair to those looking for an updated jean for $100 less than the 7 version.

CC Tip:  No floods!  The hem of your jean should either graze the floor or fall midway between your ankle bone and heel for flats.  With heels the hem should fall between the midway point of your heel and the ground.  This means you need different denim for different shoes when it comes to jeans with a flare.

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