Champagne Celebration Week: The Dramatic Conclusion

So officially it has been a week and 2 days but why cut the party short?

Before the winner of the very intense and extremely popular first ever Couture Cheapskate winner is revealed, I want to highlight one new purchase that is Champagne-oriented.

fresh Citron de Vigne Eau de Parfum
$32 at fresh.com To Buy

Someone brought this fragrance to a meeting and I spent the whole time distracted sniffing the bottle.  It was tres professional. Then I decided I would be that obnoxious person who decides to douse themselves while other people are discussing urgent matters.  That being said, people other than myself also commented on how nice this fragrance smelled.

Also available in rollerball for $18.50 To Buy

Inspired by the Champagne region of France, somehow this scent is a combo of pinot noir, with orange and pink grapefruit and a base of patchouli and sandalwood.  Typically I don't love some of those ingredients and when mentioned together, sound weird, but I love this fragrance.  It is fresh, a little fruity and very light.  Perfect for those who prefer a subtle fragrance and don't want to feel like their perfume is wearing them.

Someone even came into my office yesterday and asked what smelled so good?

Duh.  Me.

So I will celebrate anything that elicits a casual compliment here or there.

And I will celebrate the winner of the first CC giveaway!

(If you knew how long it took me to figure out how to do this...)

Congratulations to reader Karen!  You are the proud owner of a new Maybelline eyeshadow quad and pair of tights...save 'em for Fall!

Thank you for commenting, celebrating and couture cheapskating!

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