$20 Worth of Jewelry

As previously mentioned, sometimes when I am feeling uninspired fashion-wise I look to my my jewels to perk me up.  Given this in-between weather, jewelry is just the trick to make your outfit feel spring despite having to wear tights, closed toe shoes...and your winter coat.

Beaded Flower Bracelet
$8.80 at Forever21 To Buy
(Also available in red)

If you have noticed the "CC Radar" then you know I have had this bracelet on my Wish List for some time now.  Finally at my local F21 I noticed they were down to their last turquoise bracelet so I felt the urgency to purchase.  I played show and tell with this bracelet back at the office and many fashion experts agreed that this bracelet could easily pass for more expensive.  If living in the same case with other $80-$125 bracelets, you would not know this was only $9.

So off the Radar and onto me arm!

Shimmering Beaded Earrings
$3.80 at Forever21 To Buy
(Also available in turquoise)

I have a ton of huge beaded earrings that guess what?  Hurt my ears after wearing for 4 hours.  They are so dang heavy.  What drew me to these is their size.  They are less than 2 inches and not heavy so I can get through a whole day with them in my ears.  And of course I love yellow so these are perfect.  Not to mention their price tag is not heavy either...$4.

Glass Facets Bangle
$5.80 at Forever21 To Buy

Last but not least, another bangle.  Except this one is nice and smooth and not a liability at your local bake sale.  I have a similar version of this bracelet and I have worn it a ton so I was intrigued to see this bangle now with darker glass.  Right away I am thinking what other bangles this will work with in my collection and think it will look chic with my black turtlenecks that unfortunately I am still having to wear.  The accessories experts also agreed this was a bracelet that could easily work with your more expensive pieces...for $6!

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