Oh Snap! Guess Who Is 1-Year Old Today?

In blogging world when any blog hits a birthday or anniversary (depending on how you look at it) it is customary to post an image of some sort of baked good with a candle on top.

Well this little CC is going to forgo that tradition and in it's place feature something that is so beautiful I can hardly even believe it is real.

Marc Jacobs
Quilted Little Stam To Buy

If budgets were not a factor this lady would buy this handbag as the official 1-year present to myself.  But alas it is so I will continue to pretend I own this handbag via my image gallery similar to Cher and her computerized closet.*

So to reflect on the first year of the CC, I would say the following:

Donna Karan Hosiery The Signature Collection
Perfect Opaque Tights To Buy

Would you believe these tights are my favorite thing I have bought in the last year?  Who knew hosiery could be so revolutionary?  They truly are the tight I have been searching for all my life.  To that tip from my sister-in-law...I will forever be grateful.

No clothing.  No jewels.  A pair of tights is going to go down as the best purchase of Couture Cheapskate Year 1.

And do you want to know what would come in 2nd?

Maybelline EyeShadow in Green Gardens

I seriously love this eye shadow.  The colors are beautiful and stay put without any creasing on your eyelids for an entire day.  I would venture to say the colors are equally striking after being worn for a few hours when they settle and get a bit of shimmer.  The perfect pallete of mixed metals and soft feminine florals.

So CC friends, as a token of my gratitude for your support this year, I will be hosting our First CC Giveaway! 

Leave a comment in the comments section telling CC what trend you are most looking forward to this upcoming spring or summer. 

We will pick a winner at random from the comments and they will win a pair of Donna Karan tights and the Green Gardens Eyeshadow Quad.  Last day to leave a comment is Thursday, April 21.  All lame comments will be tossed like last year's gauchos.

*Extra eyeshadow giveaway to the first reader who can correctly identify the movie being referenced.

So thank you for reading CC friends!


Tara said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CC!! Oh what fun I've had reading you this past year. Great job on the blogging. I look forward to another year of great finds in fashion.

iFLASHiES said...

Truly a joy to read ... it is my favorite mid-afternoon break! Thanks to your tips CC, I feel more chic and put together than I have ever felt. And my, how time flies! Congrats and Happy Birthday! (btw, I have no idea why it says iFLASHiES ... it's elaine)

Gayle said...

My original post disappeared! Happy B-Day CC. Thank you for all your wonderful tips and insight over the past year. May of your suggestions have made their way to my closet and drawers. Keep 'em coming! As for Spring - I am looking forward to the turqouise, beaded bib necklace.

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday, CC!! What an amazing blog - I truly look forward to receiving in my inbox. Love, love, love.

I am loving the casual chambray trend this spring - and can not wait to wear a new denim/chambray dress I have waiting in my closet.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday to my favorite, most clever fashion writer!

You make this mama feel like she never loses touch with her inner CC.

My favorite spring trend is the coral and turquoise because I already own a bunch of it! Bonus!

Keep up the good work and keeping your sisters fashionable!

Kavita said...

Happy Birthday CC! You are my fashion inspiration and I so look forward to your tips in my inbox.

For the spring and summer I hope you can find me a way to be age appropriate and still fashionable. How does a 40 yr old pull off these new bell bottom jeans, and can I still wear skinny jeans? Can wait to hear more from you! Thanks

Deb said...

Happy Brithday to my favorite CC! I cannot believe one year has gone by! I too, look forward to all of the treasures you find for me! All bring me a little bit of happiness! It is like going to the mall with your favorite girlfriend! I would like to know what your favorite affordable handbag will be for the summer months?

Maura said...

Happy Birthday CC!!! Can't believe it has already been a year already. I get excited every time a new post comes through!

I'm digging the flare jeans trend. Lookin forward to picking up a pair ....maybe at the Gap this weekend ;-)

And ps - I don't know what I'd do without my daily dose of champagne shimmer!